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Banner made by Karannah^^

The ingenuousness of my mind perceives to me as a closed one.
All of what I ponder is of another’s thoughts.
All philosophy that I have distinguished is not of my mind.
I am nothing more than a duplicate of modern society.
I strain through out my days attempting to be an individual.
Until I apprehend that seeking individuality is insubstantial, my life will go on as a faint depression in the vastness of the modern metropolitan world.
Many, including myself, can not comprehend this.
Individuality is a fantasy.
I fancy this belief.
Even realizing this contradicts what I have been stating.
I believe that individuality is false in my perception.
Though by my emotions, I get a notion that being unique is still a reality.
Understanding that the mind Hallucinates can be a painful conception…

I am a blissful sort of child,
content in my own little world away from reality,
but when I do see the reality in this world,
I'm sure my world will either shatter
or I will become stronger than ever in my beliefs and
personally throw myself in the flames
to prove my rights to the public.

I presume myself as a gratuitous person.
But when others call me 'the Submissive one' I think of me as the girl with the haughty personality.
I feel more like a hypocrite. I am the girl just trying to be humble so people can cherish me. Nothing I do is in pure consideration.
All of what I do is for acceptance and popularity.
All of what I do is to spike my image in the eyes of the public.
All of what I do is to show others that I am a wonderful person.
All of which I am not.

Believe what I say for I am not known to lie.

My Name is Evey,
I enjoy expressing my feelings through the way I dress, through my Drawings, sculptures, paintings, and my poetry.
I am a real Jokester. Just ask some of my close friends (even though you can't)
I joke and act absurd and irrational all the time. ^^'
Some people think I am of a Gothic stereotypical group, But I'm not. I repeat. I Am Not A Goth.
I do not suffer any Disorders (that I know of), but often I believe I suffer the narcissistic disorder.
I do, in fact, realize I am a vain person. I don't go very far without looking into a mirror.
My Goals in life are selfish a self-centered. I want to become famous and well known for my art, poetry, and mathematical ingenuity,
Even though me becoming renowned for my capabilities in any way is highly unlikely.
I consider myself an Individual Artist.. Yet I understand that I can not stand out in a crowd anywhere I go.
I spend Most of my time at school (of course) and I plan on going to college.
And when I am not at school I am usually outside fiddling around with my friends, or I just go strolling around to clear my head.
I talk on the phone quite a bit and I get on the internet as much as possible

I have self confidence issues,
sometimes I'm conceded and I believe that I'm better than everyone else.

And other times I think that I am worth nothing, and my soul is so insignificant in the eyes of more than 99.9% of the earth.

But then again there might be 1 out of every 17 people that I've ever known closely that I would even go out of my way to serve and help them.
So I get what I should. I can only be treated as well or even less than how I treat others.
No one will treat me right if I don't treat anyone right. Even if I do treat people correctly there is still yet a chance that I will never get anything in return. I've learned that many times.

I am a Christian.
I follow the beliefs of a Christian and I try my hardest to act as one.
The stereotypical Christian to many is an non-accepting person.
A human that judges another before getting to know another.
Which is common among those of the religion
And is not part of the religion in general.<br>
A Christian is meant to accept all people and attempt to spread the belief,
not to cast a man out of a church because of the way they are dressed, or if they do drugs, or have purple hair, if they are gay, or if they are not Christian at all.
I despise this attitude that is common with so called true Christians.
So I urge you not to think of me as the stereotypical Christian hypocrite. Think of me as you would yourself or anyone.


Me- "Every night when I pray, I thank God for television."(It's acctually true. I do thank The Lord for television)

Me-"This has been the best summer I've ever wasted."

Me and Squidward-"Why do today what you could put off till tomarrow." (so true to me, but I usually put it off for a few months)

Spongebob Squarepants(Mr. Krabs)-"What is today but yesterday's tomarrow." (I acctually get it)

Me n' Ma-
(it's 11:00 am on Saturday morning)

Me-(to my dog)
"I love you, you little buger, I love my bugers, your the best snot anyone could ever ask for."

Me-(friend yanking my piggy-tails, that are in buns)
Me: "Stop touching my buns!"(they immediately stop)

Me, Ella, and Tasha-
(I Just ate a thick wonderful peice of chocolate-coconut cake)
Ella to me:"You have chocolate all over your mouth."
Tasha to me: "You do."
Me to them: "What?... I know...I'm just...saving it for later."
(Ella and Tasha burst into laughter)

On a key chain in Tennassee-I'd kill to have a body like yours...
In my trunk!

On a key chain in Tennassee-I once read about the evils of drinking...Then I quit...

On another key chain- Not all men are stupid, they're just all fools!

Spongebob Squarepants-There once was a man from Peru, who dreamed he was eating his shoe. He woke with a fright in the middle of the night, to find that his dream had come true.

-"Of couse I'm crazy, Wendy dopped me on my head when I was a baby."

Stephannie 1-"I hear voices in my head,... and they don't like you!"

Stephannie 1-"Shake it, don't break it, it took your mama nine months to make it." ( I told you she was weird)

Stephannie1-"Does it get lonely in that big head of yours?"

Jessica-" I once set off to take over the world, but I got distracted by something that was shiney!"

Jessica-"MICE ARE PEOPLE TOO!" (she said this when Adam was going to kill the mouse that was running all around the band room. I'll never let her forget that)

My dad-"It takes thousands of screws and bolts to hold a car together...
But it only takes one nut to spread it all over the highway."

My dad-" Don't try to get the peise of glass out of your friends eye, until you get the stain glass window out of your own eye."

My dad-"That guy has the stupidest hair I ever saw!"(He's refering to 'Vlad Plasmius' from 'Danny Phantom')

My dad- "YUK, YUK, YUK, YUK!" (That's how my dad laughs. psh..GOSH, its hillarious)

My mom-"~Ooohh la la la la la oohh la LAAAAA!~"(My mom sings earsliting Opra, it's horrible, I beg her to stop but she just gets louder then I start screeming at her, and there we are in a screeming contest.)

My mom- "Aaawww, your my little human."(thats was my nick name when I was really little...little human...?)

Nepolian Dinamite (The movie)- "Gosh, freakin idiot!"

Nepolian Dinamite- Vote for Pedro.

Danny Phantom-Danny: "Yeah, Who let the dogs in, (Sam looks at him funny) see the song is, who let the dogs out, but I said, Who let the dogs in, (Sam just stares) I'll be right back."
Sam:"Bring back some new jokes"

Danny Phantom-
Skulker: "I was simply planning on letting you live the rest of your life in a cage, but now I will rest your pelt, at the foot of my bed."
Sam: "Ok, that's just gross."

Mr. Crane (social studies teacher)- "There are two things in life you should be shure of...
Death and Taxes!"

Mrs. Marten (Math teacher)-"Remember the F word, The F word is your friend, Remember Factor!" (Everyone laughs when she says that)

Dr. Piatt (geometry teacher) "M-A-surement of the triangle, blah blah blah, m-A-surement of the suqare, blah blah blah, the plane is sp-A-cial, blah blah blah..."
(pronunciations) m-A-surement = measurement / sp-A-cial = special / blah blah blah = I'm freak'n bored!
(And he claims he's a southerner!)

Differant Jessica- "One plus one equals three." (That only happens in marrige.

Fat Bastard-
~"I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back... ribs... I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back, baby back...ribs, CHILIE'S!Baby Back Ribs..Barbaque Sause!"~(this is me and my 2 BFFs' sing along song)

Didn't you just love those Quotes. A lot of them are funny...ok, all of them are... DEAL WITH IT!

-one last quote-
(you sneeze)
You: "Achoo!.."
Me: "God Bless the Heck outta you"

I LUV JESUS... GOD ROCKS... I'm a devouted Christian,and i'm proud,
but don't take me for grantit, i'm very liberal.


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guitarmasta6712 on July 28, 2009, 5:17:02 PM

guitarmasta6712 on
guitarmasta6712hey Evie dont know if ya remember anymore but its Kyle, ozzman, be cool to talk to you again

zimrulerofearth on July 7, 2008, 3:22:54 AM

zimrulerofearth on
zimrulerofearthOkay, I am now going to make an avi that says words on it for ALL of my fans. Yeah. It'll be kind of like mine is now, except with your choice of words. Please comment me with what you would like yours to say. The list of people I need to make them for is going to be in a new blog.

TwilightMyth on July 4, 2008, 7:25:41 AM

TwilightMyth on
TwilightMythhey! you like the twilight zone? i love it!

K0 on June 22, 2008, 11:05:38 AM

K0 on
K0hey your good it would realy mean alot to me if u comment on my art

darkblaze06 on June 6, 2008, 1:17:38 PM

darkblaze06 on
darkblaze06Hey Evey. I doubt you remember me, Serena? Another DP artist?
I kind of...slipped out of my interest of DP, and went into totally different things. Like anime, which are Japanese cartoons. Anime's pretty much all I draw now.

It's strange - I've changed a lot in the past year. My art [and mind] has taken on a whole new look and perspective altogether. [If that makes sense to you.]

Well anyway, how are you?

zimrulerofearth on June 4, 2008, 6:23:20 AM

zimrulerofearth on
zimrulerofearthhey, evy-chan! want a request or art trade?

zimrulerofearth on May 3, 2008, 6:20:50 AM

zimrulerofearth on


Ok, so as you all new, this will be the most EPIC thing ever. We're going to band together all fans of Invader Zim into one huge society! Here's how to join:

1: Post on my profile that you want to be in it.

2: Then, if I tell you that you can (I always will tell you that you can... ^^), draw a picture with characters from Invader Zim, so you can show your ULTIMATE love for the show!

3: After I comment on it, go to this link:

4: Go down on the page, and see the box that says 'To post on and other forums, use this BB code'? Well, copy whatever is in there, then paste it onto your profile so you can be in the club!


TwilightMyth on March 25, 2008, 9:44:06 AM

TwilightMyth on

TwilightZone on May 8, 2008, 10:10:14 AM

TwilightZone on



request for sailordumas.... d&s underwater

request for sailordumas.... d&s underwater

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