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WakaLakaXD's Profile

WakaLakaXD's Profile
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Username WakaLakaXD Gender Female
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Member Info
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My name is Katie
I tie my shoes in double knots.
I like to pretend to be an airplane.
I've always wanted to secretly be a ninja.
I don't like standing in the middle of circles.
I pretend that railroad tracks are balance beams, and another challenge I have yet to attempt.
I'm alseep more often than I'm awake. That's because I'm always dreaming.
I have a heart too big for my chest.
I only make wishes on stars when I'm optimistic.
I love wishing fountains.
I believe in the color light green and live the color blue.
I sing to myself randomly.
I love to hum.
I dance to songs in my head while eating.
I make up stories while I'm in the shower.
I ask too many questions.
I like to believe that all things considered bad luck are good luck so in the end they are actually good luck.
I like to wear big glasses that hide most my face.
I've always wanted to paint my entire body just for the fun of it.
I've always wanted to paint my hands and feet and leave them all over my walls.
I want to write and finish a book.
I write poetry.
I like to believe that one day I will grow wings and fly.
An angry fish looks like this >: and no one else sees it like I do ):
I sometimes find similiarites of dinosaurs within people.
I fully believe that the world has trouble spinning on occasions.
I've never read the Scarlet Letter.
I love piggy back rides.
I tend to down cast my eyes often around others.
Hugs make mornings better.
I have many secrets.
I'm tiny and breakable.
I hate wearing revealing clothing.
October is my favorite month because it reminds me of pumpkins, leaves, apple cider, and that chilly-warmth.
I cry often. Especially when I'm mad, frustrated, tired, sick, or being patronized.
I'm not afraid to die.
I love too easily.
I sometimes wake up to believing the whole world is lying to me.
There's not an exact group to categorize me in.
I prefer being called cute over beautiful. It makes more sense.
I think the world looks beautiful in black and white.
I smile often though, when I'm confused, don't know what to say or when I think something is funny.
I tend to be a contradiction.
I'm 5'4" and probably won't get any taller. ):
I always remember my dreams and sometimes wake up within them.
I talk in my sleep.
I'm addicted to scented candles and cheezits.
I have a gazillion nicknames. (:
I love chocolate milk
I prefer to eat vanilla icecream without any toppings any day (:
I don't just kiss anyone unless I had specific reasons to. Which, sometimes aren't always good reasons.
I love to travel and prefer the passenger seat of the car.
I hate winter coats.
I love windows.
I'm amused easily. :D
Shiny objects excite me.
I love plaid.
I've never seen the Notebook.
I like almost all kinds of music.
I love that saying "Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Le'ts find out! *one*two*three* *crunch* The world may never know" ):
I fail at writing songs, but I'm a poetess genius. (:
I'm an artist.
I've always wanted to go skinny dipping.
Sometimes clouds remind me of castles in the sky.
I love building forts and making shadow puppets.
I find my shadow to be more beautiful than myself.
I read all the time.
I draw a heart on my left hand, right above my thumb.
I like to write words around my wrists.
I draw hearts on my knees, where they seem to connect.
I love the idea of sneaking out of windows to watch the moon.
I like laying in the middle of roads and sit out on rooftops.
I've never been on an actual date.
Movies are inspiration for some of my wild dreams.


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archieluver27 on May 10, 2011, 12:01:09 PM

archieluver27 on
archieluver27whats up

hannah;hehehe awww so cute ^^

sophie;some of the heartless army dont treat me well

archieluver27 on May 6, 2011, 11:31:13 PM

archieluver27 on
archieluver27morning ^^;

hannah;8giggles and goes back to the room*

sophie;*blushes*oh you dont have to do that

archieluver27 on May 4, 2011, 9:36:20 AM

archieluver27 on
archieluver27hannah;8giggles and goes back to the room*

sophie;*blushes*oh you dont have to do that

archieluver27 on May 4, 2011, 9:21:15 AM

archieluver27 on
archieluver27hannah;you'll be fine when the wound heals ok ^^ *walks off back to there room*bye oswald bye mickey!
mickey;goodnight you two
oswald;lets hope the sugar wont keep you up *laughs*

sophie;sure i'll stay cause i dont have anywhere else to go i bet the heartless army has kick me off for there membership

archieluver27 on May 4, 2011, 9:09:34 AM

archieluver27 on
archieluver27hannah;8smiels*i can get it for you riku really i dont want the wound to be worse *gets the box of brownies*
mickey;yeah its ok for your wound to rest riku
oswald;yeah cause that was a bad wound there

sophie;8smiles and blushes*

archieluver27 on May 3, 2011, 10:45:42 AM

archieluver27 on
archieluver27hannah;*goes to him*oh fudge brownies could be good and down i can take the box ^^
oswald;hehe cute

sophie;*smiles at him feeling love*





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