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shikamaruschic's Profile
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Username shikamaruschic Gender Female
Date Joined Location Currently Sand village after being captured
Last Updated Occupation Youngest Anbu Black Op in Konoha History
Last visit # Pictures 3
# Comments Given115

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Member Info
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Help Mr.Bunny Dominate The World...:-D
Hey everyone my birhtday was yesterday and i got a scanner for my B-day so i'll be able to submit my drawings,Finally!!
My other animation had a few glitches hopefully it works well now!!

You laugh at us because we're different.
We laugh at you because you're all the same.
Put this on ur profile if you think its okay to be different

TTYL! ^.^

For anyone who cares my username is originally hinataandsasukekiss and spottedleaf is mine as well but i use them for different purposes but i changed to this account so i wouldn't affend SofyUchiha9
Gaara Modern Sayuri Demon Beauty Sayuri Party Mode Sayuri Transformin Beauty Sayuri Party or Fight Sayuri Tranformation Time Shikamaru After the Fight Shikamaru's Hair Gone Longer Nin Kaguya [New OC] Nin Kaguya with Shoimbe the demon monkey and Momoske the puppet cat of chakra

Here's my fanfic story for my character Sayuri: Sayuri wears a orange band fromthe Leaf Village that was once her brothers, Irichiro, who had died protecting her and the last words she her himsay were,"Sayuri, don't worry about me and don't worry you weren't the cause of my death...
DAD WAS!!!!!! Then he died because of stab wounds. But right before he died they exchange words of sibling connection,"Irichiro i love you, i don't want you to die." "Sayuri don't worry I'll always protect you."

Sayuri's parents died when she was 2 years old because of the war against the Kyuubi. But what Sayuri didn't know was Her father was always abusive towards her brother so he did whatever it took to protect her from her own father. Since Ichiro's death Sayuri hes been wandering the streets of every Hidden Village. She knew every escape route in every village. Along with her brother's band around her waist she wore her mothers band around her forhead to hide the scar that Gaara (the well known murderer of the village)had put showing his feelings towards her. But when Sayuri left the Hidden Sand Village gaara was furious which had turned him into the mass murderer he is today. Butthe only reason she left was she was afraid he would leave like everyone else she had ever loved. That's when Gaara turned to his evilest point.
Which character are you test by
Naruto -
Ah man why'd it have to be sasuke,(not the boredome in my voice)
Which character are you test by
Naruto - Kun.comFinally someone who isn't a pest to be(no offence sofyuchiha9)

Info on ME..

Name:: Karina
Nicknames:: Babers,Chica,Karve,Kai,Kari,Kar.
Birthday: March 8th, Not sayin year
Hair Color:: dark brown
Eye Color:: Don't know they're always changing
Height:: 5’3”
Piercings:: Both ears soon to be double pierced
Tatoos:: none
Heritage:: German, Irish, French
Style:: Tomboy/Punk.


Food:: Honestly? See at bottom.
Drink:: Vanilla Italian Soda
Time of Day:: 11:11 PM
Season:: Summer cuz it's the warmest even though up in WA is like spring in my home town/state of CA
Day of the Week:: Saturday cuz Naruto is on
Color:: Blue/Black
Place in U.S:: Washington but born, raised, and belong in CA
Place outside U.S:: Mexico and Canada
Magazine:: none
Pet:: Dogs 2
Friend:: Tim, Hannah, Tristan,Sierra, Cody, Kenzi, Jessica, Mikey,Chirs,Shayla and Tiffany
Feeling:: Love and Hatred(bit of an oxymoron dontcha think?)

Do You..

Shower Daily:: Yes
Brush your Teeth Daily:: Yes
Sing:: My friends and i had a band but then dispersed after almost 2 years
Dance:: Yep i've got DDR 4
Drink:: No
Smoke:: Never
Read Books:: Yes
Read Magazines:: Depends
Have a Religion:: Yes
Have a Bf/Gf:: No i need some advice for the dude i like
Play an Instrument::Yeah(learning to play the guitar and know how to play the harmonica)

In the Opposite Sex..

Hair Color:: brown/black
Eye Color:: blue
Height:: 5’6”
Tatoos:: none
Piercings:: no
Body Type:: Athletic, hot! XD
Hobbies:: Drawing, reading, writing, sports

Do You Believe In..

Ghosts:: no, but spirits/angels
God:: Yes
Devil:: Yes
Heaven:: Yes
Hell:: Yes
Afterlife:: Yes
Reincarnation:: not sure.

Have You Ever..

Been Arrested:: no!
Cheated:: no
Been Cheated on::yes
Had your Heart Broken::yeah
Broken someone elses Heart::Yeah poor guy...
Stripped:: NO!
Kissed more than two people in one night::Nope/( Never kissed anyone.
Kissed someone of the same sex:: NO
Gotten into a fight::Yeah kinda funny since i'm a chic
Passed out:: yes
Had a Concussion:: no
Stolen anything:: yeah, food.
Done something you regret::Definetly.
Been on T.V::No, radio, yes, newspaper, yes(a dozen times literally after my adoption)
Been in Love:: Yes.


Manga:: Rurouni Kenshin Naruto
Anime::Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Yuu Yuu Hakusho,
Books:: Warriors by erin hunter, do comic books count? well anyway loveless, fruit bascket, angel dust...and a lot of other tokyopop.
Sports::Basketball, Soccer, baseball(not softball), tennis.
Music::metal, rock, alternative, a little punk
Bands::Too many.
Singers:: ummmm….. none I can think of.
Movies::Scary Movie 1,2,3,4
Culture:: don't know
Animals:: ducks(male mallards), deer(yum), goats, boar, hare
Collects::Rocks, Monster cans, cow junk.


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shikamaruschic on January 10, 2010, 6:34:17 AM

shikamaruschic on
shikamaruschici haven't been on here in forever. hot damn

shikamaruschic on January 10, 2008, 1:02:56 PM

shikamaruschic on
shikamaruschicHappy New Year to me...!!...

shikamaruschic on November 7, 2007, 7:57:45 AM

shikamaruschic on
shikamaruschici'm a goof...

shikamaruschic on July 10, 2007, 8:12:32 AM

shikamaruschic on
shikamaruschicHaha...I favorited and story...

shiniqua on March 18, 2007, 9:39:48 AM

shiniqua on
shiniquathankies for the fav!*does happy dance*


shadowwolf44449 on March 10, 2007, 5:03:05 AM

shadowwolf44449 on

AVATARfan1616 on March 6, 2007, 8:54:23 AM

AVATARfan1616 on
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I miss Sayuri

I miss Sayuri

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