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Favorite Stories

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A song I wrote in a state of depression. There have been many outlooks on this one. My favorite is that the song is about a murderer, called lonliness. But the true meaning is much deeper. I will leave it open to interpretation...
Oh just a poem..*wink*
Some deep thought given to time...It's sort of twisted and hard to understand so sorry if you got confused...
Scary and weird
well, youcan interpret this in any way you want. i just needed to write it
A Poem i made for my day for Father's Day.

btw.. Connor is my lil bro
Plz comment!
A poem for the secrets of the night. Tell me what u think of it!!!
Various things that happen during the filming of Yu-Gi-Oh. . . Some may have Yaoi or Yuri. Those will be marked in the chapter name.
how to tell when you are too obsessed with Inuyasha *** READ*** Important INfo here!
A 'touching' poem for Mother's Day.
A poem I wrote about a poor creature that lives in a well.
I changed the title.hahaha!
Do you think youre obsessed with Inuyasha? Well, these signs will help you make sure of it! e_X; See if they fit you! Bwahahaha.