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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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After Ending To The Flower Plot 
Follow up to She Blinded Me With Science 
An octopus gets his nerve up to ask a certain squirrel to a dance 
Plushie Love The love of an Octopus And Squirrel brought together through plushies and friends 
An Experiment in Love 
the Planet of the Squirrels? random fic featuring a grumpy octopus  and a sassy squirrel 
sort of semi long but short fanfic paring Hooded Claw And Penelope Pitstop Ant Hill Mob And Bully Bros only mentioned
These are some tips and hints on how to survive on Fan-art Central!
ok this is a peom i wrote a wile describe the relationship between my dreams and I.
Poem i made about a year ago, it was origonaly going to be very dark, because i was very sad...but about half way though started turning into somthing that gives hope.
Idk what to put this story in a category...Sorry -_-

London and Kenny were dragged by a mysterious creature that appear in a hole kenny saw and landed in a place called Haven City
random story based on some pics i did and a dream i had
just a POV Hooded Claw short fic
Random Mildew X Daisy mayhem Laffalympics fic
place to put info on any OC's that don't fall into BloodHolm,Grinning Doll or Scáileanna categories
Random Hooded Claw Penelope Pitstop fic Hooded Claw tries to reform while protecting Penelope Pitstop from the darkness
a backwards story short chapter added third chapter added
a story about the chaotix meets natsume the hedgehog (my oc character) she joins the team and she goes on adventure with them
Info about the Grinning Doll's crew and my OC's who are apart of it
Short early Holiday Mistletoe Hooded Claw Penelope Pitstop story
short Hooded Claw X Penelope fic
short Hooded Claw Penelope fic
Perils Of Penelope Pitstop Story Hooded Claw/Sly Sneekly X Penelope Pitstop
Info for my characters that live in BloodHolm
Random Hooded Claw X Penelope fic
Hooded Claw Penelope Pitstop Story based on a dream i had last night