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Not everyone takes break ups well, not even the usually Happy-Go-Lucky Leo.

Hikaru and Kaoru explain the 5 steps Tamaki went through to buying a cake for the Host Club Christmas party at the last minute.
Based on a true story.
behold my poem of ultimate crappyness.
Read at your own risk.
Here is a poem I wrote.
This is a sad story about a noob in MapleStory.
This is my part of a trade I did with Farah. Daniel and Flora are Farah's original characters. You can go to her site right here.
This story is for an art-trade I did with zukosavatarofthesunandmoon. The story is mainly about her meeting Orochimaru, whom she falls in love with. I really hope you like it so far.^^
Someone is taking over America! So we decide to be ninjas and fight for our world! At the same time there is romance beetween many characters along the way. If you wanna be part of this fun journey just ask!^__^
This is a B day song Written for Hikari YugiYamiAtemu
Sung by Yugi and Yami.
sorry it's late, hope you like it
(humor) the yugioh gang have been payed to stay in a haunted house for a couple of weeks and uncover the mystery of the mad scientist Dr Howler.
it is loosely based on 'Scary Movie' with some aspects from family guy, Scooby Doo and other cartoons in
This is a story about a 16 year old guy with powers! It's got spirits, and well....stuff! I tried hard on this one so please check it out!
This is a persona poem I wrote about Love.
This is a persona poem I wrote about Fear.
Your called to Tsunade's office for a mission. As you go on through your journey you get to choose your own choices. Now choose wisely^_-
Your almost a Ninja and are about to go inside the door where you get your headband. There are three door...which one do you choose? You decide
This is a story about Sasuke and his disliking for sweets. I thought it would be funny to use the green eggs and ham story but I changed it to a pie and a cup-cake. tell me what you think*