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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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Sandy was always the non-conformist. She never wanted to be like everyone else, never wanted to not stand out in a crowd. She was independant and reckless.
Then she was shipped off to Cormerick's School for Unfortunate Talents.
In a world like our own yet dark and twisted a beatiful creature calls the Muder Doll kills the innocent and offers their blood and sould to his Master. But he began to question what he was doing, and ponder the meaning between right and wrong.

Miss J's Wonderland is a really strange story I came up with all of a sudden... Don't take it too serious!
It's about Miss J's adventures inside her magic wardrobe!
A story about how I joined the Demon Of the Dark Fall Clan and my battles!!

It's an injoke so dont try to understand it!!!! XDDD
What is the definition of this freedom thing? It means a great deal to us, members of the human race. In a way it becomes our greatest obsession.
The story of how Hiei and Shiei (orignal character) meet and fall in love. Also the story of how Shiei orginally an enemy of the gang now fights along side them!
This is how you will act if you are in love with Hiei!
Children can find magic anywhere...
Just so you all know this was based on my own childhood. The Hill is very real. Well I hope you enjoy! ^^
Ever wounder how Hiei would act if he truely fell in love with a girl!?
This one is about how Kurama would act if he wanted a girl to notice him.
Have you ever woundered what Kurama the goodie goodie would be like evil? If you ever did then read this will very surprised....