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An old story found in my hard drive. Don't worry, it's still worth reading!
Redoing them all X3 And thanks to everyone who gave me credit for this idea.
Request from Inuyashasgirl179! This is a romance fic between Sonic and her character,Katrina! open to more fic requests!!
well finally its up! i just hope its not to bad
read and find out foo O_O
it is like a redone since my main char has changed and well you know all that and i don't mind addin other fan made chars!!! i'll be glad to anyway
This is kind of a sequel to Sonic Pinball Party. Sonic and Aaron combine forces to win Eggman's tournament slash desperate cry for a rematch. Best of all, NiGHTS has returned from her mysterious dissapearance to enter the tournament!
Until I can figure out the error with the chapter that I'm trying to get on the story I'm working on now, I decided to work on this, the story of my new character, Rav.
This story is based on the Sega Saturn game, NIGHTS into Dreams. Join Aaron, Ace, Nick, Liza, Kelsea, and NIGHTS as they try to stop the evil Wizeman the second from turning dreams everywhere into Nightmares.
this is the thing all about me you know like a tutorial
You thought your lunch was safe... poor you! This is a story about how my ghetto penguin and his creepy friends save Alpha Beta High school!
You've seen Kuro, you've read about Kuro, and now the mystic old warrior makes his appearance!
Aaron tries to impress Liza by ordering a fancy drink at a restaraunt...that he's allergic to!
Aaron and Ace have been assigned the mission of fetching the seven Chaos Emeralds hidden in popular Sonic video games. Can they find the seventh one and rescue Sonic or will they be trapped in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle forever? Make sure you read Aaro
Join the two new characters Aaron the Hedgehog and Ace the Hawk as they try to rescue Sonic by travelling through video games one at a time from the earliest Genesis games to the new Gamecube games.
What happens when Amy Rose commits suicide? How does everyone else feel?
this was dedicated for my lovers that has a boyfriend
This is a limerick I wrote in 6th grade. It's funneh! Yes, there's more.