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this didnt exactly turn out as well as i thought it would, but i'm too lazy to care
A selection of short stories based on different themes. Romance, Comedy, Teen, Drama...all rolled into one nice little package. Surely, you'll find something you like in this series of tales.
Ok then i was really bored and i was here ad yeah i guess here it is...
Get in trouble at school by doing these.

I experienced them at my school...
Just a story.
It's about me and my chocolate.
Based on real life. <3
Something to help keep my characters straight, and to request art with.
A poem that represents the passion and emotions that ravish all, from time to time. :) Enjoy
The intro script to a Shed Movie idea, based off events that happened in The Shed Chroincles, which I have not finished writing.
Anyway it takes place 10 years later.
This will probably become another story later.
Catchy isn't it? ^^
just thought id put all the short stories in one place so that i dont confuse myself when i add a new chap to a story
Yeah... I wrote this a while ago and didn't get around to typing it up till now. Beware, it is very random. Uhm, it's not very realistic, so don't get caught too confused by details.
Diaries is about two very different girls that become friends. I wrote this story ages ago and haven't done anything with it so I'm putting it here.
A collection of stories I would tell someone I love....
Daily things, stories, etc....
Dedicated with a fan's forever love to him... you can guess? Probably not...
Devin's life is simple. Attend the private school her parents put her in, follow the rules set by her friends. Its not until she discovers something about herself that it all changes. Will she find acceptence? bad discription
rating subject to change...
hey my scanner is shut down so i couldnt draw you anything so happy bday B
This is a poem of pain, betrayal, sadness, etcetra. Enjoy, nonetheless.
ok im going to put here soon when ihave time tips on art ^.^
i think it will be useful!
A story I'm working on just because the idea of this story refuses to leave me alone.  But, unlike my other stories, this one is rarely light-hearted or joyous.
This is a book of poems about colors!!!
This story is about a girl named Jenna who is moving to a new school.
This was supposebly made by kyonkichis1kitty A.K.A Keklion and was later found by me ( I believe it is over a year old) Keklion had been going through her Kyou-kun phase (from Fruits Basket) and made this ok so read it!
Just some stuff I write. XP Comments please. :D
Just written stuff.... That's all....
It's about Rena Thyme and a big secret that was hidden for millions of years.
Some yaoi refs, but not many.