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Worlds are in danger from a new threat. But Sora is busy with the old threat of Xehanort! It's up to a new Keyblade master, setting forth from the fanfic world of Sonic GeneX, to help protect these worlds from the forces of darkness...and chaos!

New Chapters:
Chapter 1: Beyond the Door

Mario wakes up in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar people.

New Chapters:
Chapter 2: Striking Thunder
Chapter 1: Wake up!

Auggie likes Hiei. He's more worried about an ingrown toenail.

Submitted for the Random Valentine on DeviantArt for user TBRae and her OC.

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Work in Progress

One-shot: A mysterious visitor comes to the tower and Gothel has to defend her flower from him and his strange device! For the FanArt Mashup Challenge on DeviantArt.

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Death By Frying Pan

Me + Prompts and Ideas = This

New Chapters:
Chapter 0: Know People.

Within the halls of Dissidia Academy, life as a student is an adventure! Follow the Heroes of Final Fantasy as they fulfill the variety of challenges that lie before them, setting the path towards their future! However, underneath the depths of this highly established Academy ... lies a darkness that may throw the entire world into chaos.

New Chapters:
Chapter 22: Arc 3 (3): An Outside Perspective