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We are now entering an alternate universe. Please leave any valuables at the door so they do not get lost. You will see things that are very familiar, yet very different...
Two friends forced to separate from each other when they were young...12 years later she returns, he remembers her but does she remember him? Can they defeat the demons before they defeat them? Kisshu x Ichigo, slight Pai x Lettuce and Taruto x Pudding
Petunia Dursley took little Harry in with joy, loving him even more than her own son. But the Fates, cruel as always, takes him away. AU
Dudley had never liked his cousin Harry. No, it wasn’t that he didn’t like Harry, it was because he didn’t like the all the attention his own mother gave to Harry. AU
In a barren land, three boys must rise to defeat the evil forces.
Just something I started at work one day....I can't get the muses to finish it though.

AIDA the Musical: Songfic: AU

Aida escapes with her father, leaving Radames on Egyptian soil. As they both contemplate love and loss, they asess the future that lies for them both.

~Songfic to RENT's "Without You"~
Two years after Kingdom Hearts, Sora continues his journy when a new evil appears. The catch is, is it Riku?