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Here is my parody of Sonic Heroes, starring the X-Men! This is a game crossover because it was the only category I could find that had the crossover option. Well, the X-Men DID have a couple games, so I guess it works... I hope...
A story that seems like a rip-off of Sonic Heroes (NOTE: My Custom character makes up for the fact that there is no flying character.)
A Student choice piece started at my school. I thought i'd post it and continue it here at FAC! It's kinda like, Harry Potter meets Superheroes! Hoot!
It's a description of my Sonic Heroes fan-made team, Team Europe. For those who don't know Sonic Heroes, in blue is speed type, in orange is fly type, and in red is power type.
This Sonic story is a sequel to my other Sonic Story -- The Three Heroes.