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Laffalympics Daisy Mayhem X Mildew Wolf fic
Another fanfic I did.
i dunno...
[Complete] One had the picture perfect family, the other barely knew what it meant. One was a model student, the other struggled to learn to read. One was kind, the other sweet, but together one would find his obsession and the other his rage.
One-shot. He couldn’t escape it, no mater how hard he tried or how fast he ran it was always two steps right behind him. The smell of blood and death was fresh in the air as the soldier ran from his enemy. Rain from the last three days had turned the
Have any of you heard of those 'Just So Stories'? I had to do one for school, and I just thought it was good!
Just I Poem I Thought Up A While Ago
Hello everone. I wrote this awhile ago and YES this really did happen I wrote this right after it happend. At first I wasn't going to put it up but Niki(my sis) though it might be a good idea so I decided to. I want to say sorry to anyone that this o
This isn't a story as much as it is a cross between a story and its a spoem...or a pory...your pic!!!