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Vampires, Demons, a 3rd world, When Heisan Al and ed get thrown in to a demon infested world what new threats will they face. Eventually AlXALXOC rated for violence lang and sexual themes in l8r chapers AU/AR,Bi,F/M/M,Lime,OC,WIP
about the last six months of my life.
More quotes and sayings
A pic of AustrianShroom's gave me the idea to write this, soo Meli this one is for you
Tyson breaks a mirror and total caous(I can't spell:(!!) ensues
Through the eye's of a teenager
My firstYGO fic spent 9 hr last night. Ryou/oc kaori weird and cool at the same time
Bad Day, Bad Day, Uhh Hi!! What really should have happened on Monday Nov. 4th 2002 episode of Beyblade. In other words, KAI WINS instead of Johnny.
When the Blade Breakers are in Europe and its Rememberance Day. And what happens through out that day. Will Tyson actually be serious about something other than Beyblading???R&R
Tyson+sixteenth Birthday+ car+drivers license= CHAOS
A story about Maraih and Rei, Kai and Emily. Character death>>Maraih