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GUARANTEED to be the most RANDOM thing you read. EVER. An RP created between me and Apocalypsedragon. The results were... unstable.
A short story written en español. Based off of a true story and that's what makes it funny. Featuring the sibling trio © me.
I thought it would be funny to make a random commic about Organization Thirteen. So I did. This is just the writing the commic is going to be based on, then I'll draw it when I have the time.
This is basically what would happen if we turned all of our chars into monster things. XD! It has no plot or purpose at all.
It is just something that popped into my head and I thought it would be cool. It is basically about a private school for girls, but there is a dark secret behind it.
This is about my cat ,my childhood friend ,and how he was taken away. There is a moral at the end. Please read and coment.
You know you watch too much Inuyasha when....
How to make the people on Inuyasha really ,really mad.