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Lol it took me three days to write this crap XD just a poem about your parents and the joys of growing up that no1 will read lol.
no its true. i rlly am bored a poo.
I am bored. five points for me right paula? coz i look great right?
um..... i dunno I''m kinda bored today so onto the internet my boredom goes i suppose lol
Today, I shall write a story.
a little song about Santa Claus :D
um... well... yesterday .. I got bored.. I didn't even know I could write two sentences that rhymed :S!
um okay at first this may not look as if it is in the right category but it is trust me on this. okay Please trust me.
everything is totally fiction. not real I made it up. Duh... except for Shelby and Julia.
I bet u thought i forgot u :)
um........ I am Random
what? I was bored, and I write when I'm bored... anyways I have some more of these involving the rest of the SSBB characters, tell me people who bother to read this, should I post up the rest :?
and for the THIRD TIME TODAY >:C I will try and send this in so it makes sense.. I worked 4ever on this so PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU REVIEW MY PAINFULLY LONG WORK!!
this is a letter that I am going to send to Natsume asking to make a movie out of HARVEST MOON!! everybody wish me luck please!
this is another idea that was with the first "Jack the stupid Harvest Sprite" (note to Jbelle and Kaikaru: Blue could always be the first victim MUHAHAHAHA!)
sorry this isn't exactly going to be a BIG part in a movie if they made one. but it was just an idea for part of a movie.. this is called being brain dead, both Jbelle and Kaikaru tell me what you guys think and what should be changed.
this is a story about how Sandra (the girl in Harvest Moon Magical Melody you always play as) discoveres that Sunny Lake is haunted. If you like the Mayor of Flower Bud village then i do NOT recommend you read this story, you'll see why if you read this.