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This is a new story that me and my friend Laura cam eup with I love DRACO MALFOY^^
Nikkys pregnant OMG but who got her pregnant read and find out more chapters later
This is a sa dlittle song fic about Nikky A.K.A me how I hold my son Nick for the last time before he dies when he is killed by my ex boyfriend
Just read and find out
Chazz and Nikky taking care of Nick
Ok I know this is from Yugioh capsul mosnters but I could see Yami Bakura and Marik doing this to this is for Uriko and Kuzai^^
Nikky and chazz
This is a story I am writing for me and my friend Princess Wombat
This is a crossover from family guy with Yugioh GX with Chazz and Nikky
This is part of my fanfic from were mine and Chazzes daughter comes from the future hope you like the first chapter
This is when Chazz and me first meet at Duel academy
This is Nikkis song to Chazz because she is like Sally from the Nightmare before christmas she is really shy and gets really sad when she cant tell Chazz how she really feels about himT_T
This is just a little comedy I wrote about why Chazz should never have caffeine esepchially on Friday night this is based on something that happend to me and my friends Laura and Brigette on friday night when we went to buy Yugioh cards
This is a story were Marika gives yami Marik advice
This is what happens when Yami Marik gets pissed off at nomaru
the title says it all
Another Yugioh and Family guy crossover
Again another yugoh Family guy crossover
This is another random Yugioh Family guy crossover
This is another yugioh crossover fanfic the guys totally loose it and break out in to song
This is the remake of family guys Road to Road Island only wwith Yugioh Road to Domino
This is a story i wrote that takes place during the egyptian saga kind of the next generation thing
Me and my friends get sucked Into the Yugioh world Its alot better then it sounds once you read it
I was just bored when I was writeing this at the same time kind of hype rhow does that happen0_0LOLLOLLOLLOL
This is a new fanfic im working on with me and my friends Uriko and Kuzai we are living in the yugioh world with yugi and the gang we get past threw battle city and all that but now theres a new evil we have to fight 3 of the charachters from ancien