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please dont be too harsh this is real my mum smokes and this is a look into what it does to me, evrey night she has coughing attacks but refuses to go to the hospital or doctor. it rips me up.
this is based on a true story, my first boyfriend was a boy i met in a tree, we went through so much together and the first kiss was special for him and me, it was at sunset over looking a lake, i still cry just thinking about it. hope you like it.
just a bunch of short storys, if you want to know the story behind any of them just ask
it''s a poem, about neverland!!!
i hope you feel something while reading this as i am trying to get a few feelings across, so many people get hit by cars and its not the drivers fault but they have to live with it and it can tear so many familys apart.
umm did you know a fox barks, i only found that out after i wrote this so umm yer please tell me what you think.
and what you think it means!?!
ok well Jasmine is a harry potter oc so her story is like a rewite of the harry potter books but in her veiw.
harry potter characters(C)j.k.rowling
its abount a hated princess how lives with her grand parents because her mother and father died
its so sad
every time i add a charaters (im always making up things) i'll post info here then i'll draw them you can draw them if you want as well just link back to me if you draw them ty
some songs of mine there o.k in there own little way
this is a poem i made when i was 10