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DorkyDragonOfTheDead's Profile
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Username DorkyDragonOfTheDead Gender Male
Date Joined Location Indianapolis, IN.
Last Updated Occupation Dont have one....
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Sir_Lynx on May 11, 2008, 12:14:16 AM

Sir_Lynx on
Sir_LynxHow are you holding out?

munkybrain2010 on July 23, 2007, 12:24:23 PM

munkybrain2010 on
munkybrain2010thanks for the comment

flying_Jone on July 9, 2007, 2:11:32 AM

flying_Jone on
flying_Jonecool ^_^
what are you up to?

DorkyDragonOfTheDead on July 9, 2007, 3:37:06 AM

DorkyDragonOfTheDead on
DorkyDragonOfTheDeadnm... u?

flying_Jone on July 5, 2007, 6:52:27 AM

flying_Jone on
flying_Jonehello ^^
how are you?

DorkyDragonOfTheDead on July 9, 2007, 2:09:22 AM

DorkyDragonOfTheDead on
DorkyDragonOfTheDeadGreat thx ^.^

Twiggi on September 30, 2006, 8:22:29 AM

Twiggi on
TwiggiYo i just started my 2nd contest heres the link if ya wanna join

Twiggi on September 22, 2006, 4:04:53 AM

Twiggi on
Twiggido u no wot.............................. i extended the contest last week lol ypu stil had 3 days but ill add ur entry anyway

Falconlobo on September 21, 2006, 7:18:03 AM

Falconlobo on
Falconlobosorry for my lousy spelling

Falconlobo on September 21, 2006, 7:17:19 AM

Falconlobo on
FalconloboHi i commented your pic ti looked cool and Twiigi said the deadline date has been extented to the 25th so you did not miss it you can still enter

Twiggi on September 15, 2006, 9:46:22 AM

Twiggi on
Twiggii dont mean 2 rush you dood but times runnin out for you to get your entry in. im extending the entry date by 2 days for ppl to get their pics in. hope 2 c urs ^^

Twiggi on August 23, 2006, 11:38:12 AM

Twiggi on
TwiggiHey im holding a draw gohan dbz contest if ya wanna join heres the link

Antisocial on August 22, 2006, 10:40:04 PM

Antisocial on
AntisocialHey thanks for the comment on my pics and making me a favourite im glad you like it

komodozack on August 21, 2006, 3:54:15 AM

komodozack on
komodozackthnak you for the comment on my cell picture ^_^

Dasher on August 17, 2006, 7:40:22 AM

Dasher on
DasherHey thanks for your comment. And good luck to you too.

Dark_Shiva on August 5, 2006, 10:23:16 AM

Dark_Shiva on
Dark_ShivaThanks for your entry and good luck in the contest!

SpasticPenguine on July 25, 2006, 3:39:28 AM

SpasticPenguine on
SpasticPenguineStart thinking something you really really want, cause this is
astounding. the person that sent this to me said their wish came true 10
mins after they read the mail so I thought what the heck.



You have just been visited by Dr.Suess's Cat in the Hat. He will grant
one wish.
Make your wish when the count down is over.








3 ..




Send this to 10 people within the hour you read this.
If you do, your wish will come true! . If you don't it will become the

fullnarutoZ on July 25, 2006, 2:16:29 AM

fullnarutoZ on
fullnarutoZmy b day is august 29 1995!

fullnarutoZ on July 25, 2006, 2:13:35 AM

fullnarutoZ on
fullnarutoZDUDE IM ALMOST 11!

Dark_Shiva on July 19, 2006, 6:19:58 AM

Dark_Shiva on

Dark_Shiva on July 9, 2006, 5:22:06 AM

Dark_Shiva on
Dark_ShivaHey there! I just did ur request, well cya!

Animeiac on June 27, 2006, 8:47:42 AM

Animeiac on
AnimeiacOh yeah that one. It's okay. If you want you can recommend my request to someone eles.

Animeiac on June 27, 2006, 1:07:48 AM

Animeiac on
AnimeiacWill you please tell me which request was it? I've made some that I never keep count.

Shion6 on June 18, 2006, 5:27:54 AM

Shion6 on
Shion6Your really good at drawing!! ^^

weewoo on April 29, 2006, 11:09:01 AM

weewoo on
weewooawsome profile pic

StormSpirit on April 14, 2006, 9:22:07 AM

StormSpirit on
StormSpiritThanks for your comment on one of my pics ^^ Oh yeah, before I forget...All of your pics are AWSOME.

ReveledSky on April 7, 2006, 2:01:09 PM

ReveledSky on
ReveledSkyThank you for your comment on my Cloud pic :)

VideogameMaster on April 7, 2006, 6:30:36 AM

VideogameMaster on
VideogameMasterThanks for the comment! You like Cloud Strife? Me, too. He's so cool, awesome, and hot!

Sterilite_Wolf on April 6, 2006, 10:38:52 AM

Sterilite_Wolf on
Sterilite_WolfHey tere. You have some excelnt pictures i your allery and i would just lke to saytht i think you wl go far. you have great detail work and i le the them that you kep with you drawings. Keep up the great work

SPAWN1000 on April 2, 2006, 3:23:43 AM

SPAWN1000 on
SPAWN1000Oh ya by the way the master chief pic with the arm short its just the perspective hes leaning tword the screen on the right just to tell u but thanks for the coments.

SPAWN1000 on April 2, 2006, 3:10:16 AM

SPAWN1000 on
SPAWN1000hey wats up i just put a new halo pic and since you like them so much im going to tell you whenever i get new ones but the problem is is that i dont have it uploaded yet so keep checking though.

Lynxie on March 31, 2006, 5:53:17 AM

Lynxie on
LynxieThank you for the comment on my picture of Kaze. :)

So you'll draw him?
Thanks!! :D

Invader_Mira on March 29, 2006, 12:13:41 AM

Invader_Mira on
Invader_Mira*waves arms* YER ON MY FAV ARTISTS LIST!!! just tellin ya...XP


JBear on March 26, 2006, 11:51:49 PM

JBear on
JBearThanks for all the comments and faves! XD

PuffBubble on March 20, 2006, 11:29:58 PM

PuffBubble on
PuffBubbleYou placed 1st in my contest! ^_____^ Yay! Congrats! ^-^

JBear on March 18, 2006, 11:02:50 AM

JBear on
JBearWell I've currently closed all requests and art trades due to a busy school schedule. ^^; But I'll notify you whenever I'm not so busy. I hope you understand. ^^;

JBear on March 18, 2006, 10:06:25 AM

JBear on
JBearHello! XD Thank you so much for all the comment and faves! ^_^ I'm glad you enjoy my artwork.

Bubblesnap on March 13, 2006, 1:45:45 AM

Bubblesnap on
BubblesnapHeehee! Thankies for the comment on my entry for Puffbubbles contest but I still think you could win. Yours is really detail, especially the shading. Good luck!

Fluffybunny on February 27, 2006, 6:04:24 PM

Fluffybunny on
Fluffybunnythank you for your comment! ^_^

slipknot2003 on February 19, 2006, 6:23:36 AM

slipknot2003 on
slipknot2003wow man ur a frackin crazy artist for bein only ten dam ur frackin good dam ur one of my fave artists on here now!

PuffBubble on February 9, 2006, 11:10:14 PM

PuffBubble on
PuffBubbleHI! Just seeing how you are! Also could you possibly check out my friend animegirl007's art? Her name's Meeka!

PuffBubble on February 3, 2006, 12:04:56 AM

PuffBubble on
PuffBubbleHi! How are you?! I'm SAD! I can't draw for a while! *cries*

DragonicFlames on January 30, 2006, 6:35:59 AM

DragonicFlames on
DragonicFlamesActually no your not extremely bad at anime. But your really good for monsters. And you should try to expand out more in the monster effects and everything. : D

Anime is still hard for me sometimes. xD

Lil-Q on January 26, 2006, 9:33:02 PM

Lil-Q on
Lil-Qhi i am darkdragonvampayrss blablabla pls dont puut comments there i hate that user of mine its my worst pics ever check out my new one

PuffBubble on January 26, 2006, 5:09:41 AM

PuffBubble on
PuffBubbleSo when should we do a art trade? And what should I draw?

PuffBubble on January 22, 2006, 9:31:19 PM

PuffBubble on
PuffBubbleYour request is done pendding aproval! I hope you like it! ^-^

Dark_Shiva on January 22, 2006, 6:54:20 AM

Dark_Shiva on
Dark_ShivaHello there, I'll be happy to do ur request, but qould u mind telling me in my profile what from do u want him to be?

PuffBubble on January 22, 2006, 2:45:51 AM

PuffBubble on
PuffBubbleHey! Your request that I draw Broly is pendding aproval! I'm really sorry that it sucks, but it was my frist try at him! ^-^

Inuyasha_Demon_Boy on January 21, 2006, 12:00:53 PM

Inuyasha_Demon_Boy on
Inuyasha_Demon_Boyoh,thanks lots!^-^
Jake: what's up dued? like i skate board what do you do?
Me: Don't mind him!^_^

anarchy96 on January 16, 2006, 10:11:33 PM

anarchy96 on
anarchy96linkin park and static x are awsome hey drop a line some time

JBear on January 16, 2006, 7:34:02 AM

JBear on
JBearThanks for all the comments and adding me to your Favorite Artists list! ^_^ You have some great artwork yourself! Keep up the great work!

Inuyasha_Demon_Boy on January 15, 2006, 6:07:50 AM

Inuyasha_Demon_Boy on
Inuyasha_Demon_BoyMy age is 10 and i'm a female!^_^

Inuyasha_Demon_Boy on January 15, 2006, 6:06:56 AM

Inuyasha_Demon_Boy on
Inuyasha_Demon_Boywelcome! i'm an inuyasha fan! a big crazed one indeed!^-^ would you like to be buds? i like DBZ too my fav is Goku and Vegeta!

Dark_Shiva on December 31, 2005, 6:29:35 AM

Dark_Shiva on
Dark_ShivaYou draw pretty good, it catched my eye, u should try to colour ur art, I can help u if u want to color it in comp, well cya!

DragonicFlames on December 23, 2005, 2:29:44 AM

DragonicFlames on
DragonicFlamesYou are really good at dragons, I must say, but you aren't completley that good at drawing human forms. I think you'd be better sticking with the dragons then the humans (anime) forms. Or try something more realistic, i think you'd be good with that. :x Like me who can't draw realistic worth crap. and my dragons are el sucky but I can do a pretty good human (anime) picture. xDD

We all have our special drawing talents I guesses.

AeroArtist on December 23, 2005, 12:02:26 AM

AeroArtist on
AeroArtistthose dragons are pretty cool, man. ...and, tacos are cool... i guess. um, come check out my art some time if you don't have anything better to do.

PuffBubble on December 22, 2005, 4:37:08 AM

PuffBubble on
PuffBubbleYou don't suck, your a really talented artist! I'm Liz by the way! I think your art is amazing! I'm 12! Also I really wish I could draw as good as you! Your art is exceptional, flawless and is so amazing! I really love the four element dragons! You and your art RULE!

DorkyDragonOfTheDead on December 21, 2005, 11:50:45 PM

DorkyDragonOfTheDead on
DorkyDragonOfTheDeadI must really suck i dont get any comments. hm. Oh well.

vixenrath on December 21, 2005, 3:20:43 AM

vixenrath on

Whatsername on December 13, 2005, 12:52:49 AM

Whatsername on
Whatsernamehowdy *waves* you new? welcome! Mwha ha ha ha...ahem, evil moment =^.^= VOTE BILLIE JOE



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