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Favorite Stories

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Another Night by Nightcore. Another one of my favorite groups, I hope you enjoy this as Much as Moonlight Shadow ^///^
I fell in love with this song by Nightcore. It's "My Name is Rose" I recommend it for those on their way to a party and don't feel like sharing their name and giving fake numbers. ^^
Yea, so this is my awesome telepathic power story that takes place in Australia. The main characters are:
Tori (Torinda)
A One-shot for R.R.

Senshi has been putting thoughts in Jay's head. It's up to Danny to make her think differently.
Dusk is about Surri and Jasper. I alreddy told u peepl about it and that I'd send it here so ya. It's gunna happn cuz Surri soooo much coolr than Alice.