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This story is about Sasuke, and Shiori, my oc. So if anyone even reads this, honestly tell me what you think! Give me some feedback! If you don't like canon/oc pairings that's fine, but don't flame.
Criticism is WELCOME! I can take it! Trust me!
Follow Camille and Caye Xinnex on a daring adventure that leads to a power no Jedi or Sith have ever seen before...

STAR WARS copyrighted by Lucasfilms and George Lucas
Characters owned by me, thank you very much
...emotional i guess
Ummmm...*summary summary summary*...
A guy named Primus is uber special in some way. And he goes on a great adventure (and of course there''''s romance in this book just like every single one of my stories. :3
three dogs, 1 female two males, what will happen?
If you haven't read my first STAR WARS story, I WOULD NOT read this one cuz you won't know what in the crap is going on!! This is a continuation of my first story

STAR WARS belong to George Lucas...NOT ME!! *I wish*
What happens when your hopped up on sugar and your going to the club? Find out in BoA's Energetic.
I had a nightmare a few nights ago and this is what I came up with out of that. You see, it was one of the climax parts where Darin (his name is Izzy now) is bitten by a phantom.
I know I'm not very good at writing poetry, but these are all purely about my feelings. You know who "you" are.
I fell in love with this song by Nightcore. It's "My Name is Rose" I recommend it for those on their way to a party and don't feel like sharing their name and giving fake numbers. ^^
Yea, so this is my awesome telepathic power story that takes place in Australia. The main characters are:
Tori (Torinda)
Another Night by Nightcore. Another one of my favorite groups, I hope you enjoy this as Much as Moonlight Shadow ^///^
This is the story of my OC Ash Chi and her twin sister Echo...
WARNING: If you can't stand the intense action...don't read this story!!
no the story!!!
Dusk is about Surri and Jasper. I alreddy told u peepl about it and that I'd send it here so ya. It's gunna happn cuz Surri soooo much coolr than Alice.
A One-shot for R.R.

Senshi has been putting thoughts in Jay's head. It's up to Danny to make her think differently.
This is all about Echo Chi!!
She was a normal jedi youngling, then she found something that would change her life forever:
A twin sister!!
Was it for the good or for the bad?

Includes- Action-Romance-Humor-Danger!!
it's my story.
My pet was dieing but he wasn't dead yet so I wrote this. It's hard watching your pet die.
well... um yeah. Just a random story i started cuz i thought it would be fun^^
This is the Story of Ryu Kozaku, a Boy who has A monster, Onaga the Dragon Emperor, inside of him.What is This Beast? And Why has it fallen to darkness? Read and Learn the Story that started it all...
In a world where animals speak and act like humans, a cat named Blaze is the heir to the leader of his home. However, a dark threat is lurking, and Blaze will have to master the ways of his father's mysterous sword if they are to survive.
Another 56 story. Hopefully getting more updates than my other stories.


Real description ish in Chaptah uno.
A story I had to write for school.

Same characters as Chemicals, chemicals. Same bad guy, too. Another story I had to write for school.
In school we had to make something that would turn people invisible. I used my famous ninja characters, and made this. HA!