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hakaishi_of_the_dark's Profile
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Username hakaishi_of_the_dark Gender Female
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Member Info
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1. Will NOT do hentai!
2. You must be very specific on your character. Pictures will help lots.
3. Will NOT draw characters I don't like.>.> And if I were to, they'd come out sucky. Like all the times I tried to draw Sasuke. ._. He came out like crap.

Accounts on other websites:

DeviantArt: Emo-Child-Nibi
GaiaOnline: Edo_Pheonix_316
Neopets: Rajahchan
PhotoBucket: Kaiyge MitternachtxSonne

And I'm going to get SheezyArt on July 26 when I turn 13.:3
My username's going to be:

65 Things You Should Know About Rajah

1. I am a girl. {Duh.}
2. I have big feet and I am damn proud of them! {I can open doors, y'know.>.>}
3. I love being sarcastic. {So don't take me seiously unless I tell you to.}
4. I can be a dog. {If you have a problem with it, shove it.}
5. I love the colours black and pink. {Black and pink= Love.=DD}
6. If I don't like you, I will tell you straight up.
7. I can be random... Very, very, very, VERY random.>.>
8. If I laugh out of nowhere it is probably something from yesterday.
9. I can, at times, be very slow... But I will eventually get it after a while.
10. I don't judge people.
11. My middle name IS Lynn. {Sucks, I know.-_-}
12. I am picky with my friends. {So be lucky if I even acknowledge you.}
13. I love to take photos of random things. {Camera= Love}
14. I am a mess... It's who I am.
15. I love emo boys' hair. {It's so fracking awesome.}
16. I love music to no end.
17. I play anything in percussion.
18. I care about my friends deeply.{Friends= Life}
19. I'd kill myself if there was no music. {Music= life}
20. I love animals. {Johnii, Olyver, Spooker, Fatteh, Skittles, and Spazzeh= Obsession.:3}
21. I'd kill someone just to meet Jade. {Jade= <33}
22. I am a very moody person.
23. I have very, very deep thoughts,
24. I love to think.
25. I love to shoot beer cans with airsoft guns. {Guns= Fun}
26. I so get distracted by shiny things. {Shiny= Love}
27. I love CrossWord puzzles. {CrossWord Puzzles= Fun}
28. I love to draw. {Drawing=Life}
29. I love Sage. {Sage= Meh smexeh.<33}
30. I am not popular and I intend to keep it like that.
31. I can keep secrets. {Your secrets= My secrets}
32. Me and my friends have a lot of inside jokes, so if I say something that you don't understand, just go along with it.>.>}
33. If you're my friend and someone says I'm talking shoot about you, don't believe them, 'kay?
34. If I tell you I love you, then I mean it. {You=love} But not sexually to anyone else other that Sage. >> I love you like family.
35. If I'm mad at you... >> Then uh... leave me alone. >>
36. If you're reading this, thankyou. {You+read=me happy.}
37. If I'm on a sugar rush stay far away from me.. >> Or join me... You're funeral either way. {Sugar rush= Me crazy.}
38. I hate Marcy Doucet.{Doucet= </3 I'LL frackING KILL HER!}
39. I love studded belts. {Studs= love}
40. I am a very mysterious person.
41. I can tell when people lie to me, so be honest. It takes an uber long time to earn my trust back.
42. If you EVER see me cry, it's prolly 'cause of the past.
43. If you're my boyfriend, I will give you my all. {And I don't mean in the sexual way.}
44. I love black. {Does not make me goth, doges! ><}
45. I love to laugh. {Laughter= Fun.:3}
46. I'm sorry if I hurt, now get over it.
47. I'm a grammar freak.:3
48. I don't cry over Ex's. If I broke up with you, you weren't worth it. {Except for Jerry and Chance.}
49. I do care about school. >> You need an education to be a vet you know. {Vet= Future}
50. I love my family. {Family= <3.}
51. I love pencils. {Pencils= <3}
52. I'm known to be very creative.
53. I hate monkeys. >>
54. I talk to my pets. {Pets= Life}
55. I am tough emotionally.
56. I hate rap. {Rap= Die}
57. I love to read. {Stephen King= Love}
58. I am LOYAL to Chance. >> I'm not his un-dying servant.
59. I love Coca-Cola and Reesee's Peanut Butter Cups. {Coke and Reesee's= Love}
60. I disapprove to drugs. {Drugs=x_x}
61. All my friends are sexy doges.>D
62. I'm trying to be a more outside person. x_x
63. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder. >>
64. I love headbands. {Headbands= Love}
65. I'm not big too, too on anime, but I do know them all. {Petshop of Horrors= Love}
66. I'm a very blunt person. :3 {Don't be surpised if I wind up typing, brb; I gotta pee.}

<3: Drawing, singing, dancing, DDR, anime, Cade Guidry
Sage, hanging with Olivia. Spooker.<3 Fatteh! Coca-Cola. My DS. Poke'mon GAMES. Cats:3 RPing. SLEEPING.

</3: Preps, Marcy Doucet. This chair.D< My cyst. A few other people. Hentai. My boob itching. D< -Scratch- This goddamn bra. D< Being interupted. My drawings.D<

music: -takes a deep breath- slipknot (mainly joey jordison),system of a down, korn, story of the year, fall out boy, good charlotte, green day, linkin park, blink-182, death cab for cutie, shinedown, new found glory, cradle of filth, the white stripes, aiden, three days grace, AFI, the used, anti-flag, avenged sevenfold, bloodhound gang, bowling for soup, coheed and cambria, cold, crossfade,godsmack, chevelle, dark new day, default, disturbed, dogfight, edgwater, mest, eight days gone, evanescance, gorillaz, static-x, incubus, HIM, ICP, jimmy eat world, marilyn manson, metallica, motion city soundtrack, mudvayne, my chemical romance, nightwish, nirvana, papa roach, ra, rise against, rufio, saliva, seether, sevendust, shadows fall, skillet, simple plan, submersed, switchfoot, the 69 eyes, the bravery, the offspring, killers, midtown, relient k, the dillinger escape plan, the matches, from first to last, less than jake, jane's addiction, hawthorne heights, thrice,theory of a deadman, dir en grey,velvet revolver, vertical herizon, yellowcard, all american rejects, disturbed, mudvayne, boa, namie amuro, la~arc~enel, the click five, weezer, creed, staind, nickleback, 3 doors down, fort minor, rammstein, buckcherry, matchbox 20, ELO, cascada, breaking benjamin, alien ant farm, atreyu, rascal flatts, seesaw, poison, AC/DC, KISS, The Get-up kids, The Academy is..., Smile Empty Soul, Interpole, Queens of the Stone Age, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Arashi, Gackt, Gallete, Kill Hannah, Avril Lavigne, queen, and I'm sure a lot more.D<! -passes out- X.x


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JoyKaiba on June 16, 2007, 12:05:18 PM

JoyKaiba on
JoyKaibaI can certainly do that! :D Could you show me a pic of you though that could use as a reference! :D That's all I need before I can get started. ^___^

JoyKaiba on June 13, 2007, 3:52:08 AM

JoyKaiba on
JoyKaibaI'm sorry it took me so long to respond, but sure, I'll do a request for ya! :D Just tell me what you want!

ZeEdwarD07 on April 27, 2007, 2:50:55 PM

ZeEdwarD07 on
Awsomesome pics.I had no idea that you could submit real life...stuff
Thats real awsome.Unn~

anime_beuaty on April 26, 2007, 1:41:52 AM

anime_beuaty on
anime_beuatyHi!!!! Thankies for the comments on my pictures.
I miss ya!

manga_girl623 on April 4, 2007, 10:29:09 AM

manga_girl623 on
manga_girl623^__^;; um wow thats somethin new
=) i guess we could be friends

disenergratedlove on March 19, 2007, 11:16:49 PM

disenergratedlove on
disenergratedlovefriendship would b cool! :)....u r so rite, jared leto, adam, etc. r also who i like

disenergratedlove on March 12, 2007, 1:06:22 PM

disenergratedlove on
disenergratedlovehi! sup?! cool. u like AFI? i love them! daveys frackin hot!

sisaTao on February 22, 2007, 7:01:12 AM

sisaTao on
sisaTaoYay, haha.



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