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hooked_on_me's Profile

hooked_on_me's Profile
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Username hooked_on_me Gender Female
Date Joined Location in a state of denial
Last Updated Occupation writer and fabric manipulator(i.e. fashion design
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Member Info

Member Info
mia...absolutely wanna piece of this?...yea i know you do...i would to if i were in love with me, i am
and yet i do not like green eggs and ham.
Birthday: dec.23...i'm a capricorn and a monkey,
yeah, enquiring minds may have wanted to know.
Current favorite song: figured you out by nickleback*
Hobbies: me, me, and well, me and gardening~~ watch what can sprout when you plant the seeds of distrust in a garden full of a**holes.*
Favorite Food: sukiyaki with green tea marshmellows for dessert*Least favorite food:dried'll understand why!*
Current haircolor: black to match my mood*
Favorite books: american psycho, losts souls, the world on blood*
Favorite movie: time and tide, american psycho 2, hedwig and the angry inch*
Current psychosis: obssessive compulsive behavior*
Favorite Animes: Hellsing, dual!, fruits basket, gto*
Favorite Manga: shamen king*
Favorite American cartoon: family guy*
Favorite bishies: kyo from fruits basket, amon from witch hunter robin, vash the stampede,onizuka from gto, sars by sliver, gackt, nicolas tse, irvine from ff8,dante from dmc and shigure from fruits basket,oh and edward from fma*
Favorite TV show: dead like me, strangers with candy, americas next top model*
Quotable Quotes:,the only way to save the butterflies is to kill off all the spiders~knives...the only thing you and i have in common is a deep love for me!!!!!!~me...* love is based on chemistry,sex is purely physhics,but kinkiness,now that sh*t takes engineering * death and poverty like me so much they brought friends-vash, "That which is beautiful is good due to fascination,That which is good is always beautiful.."--Gackt, "i'd give my life to be dead"(teehee)*
Current obsessions: power tools, amputees,body modification, ritual scarification, and behavior modification through controlled forms of torture *
Fascinations: the way plastic looks when it melts(sorry barbie), androgenous bishie boys*
Likes: sugar and sweet death,
charm school retail sluts,
bishie goth boy crossdressers,
gackt,larc en ciel, gackt, dir en grey, miyavi, pierrot, malice mizer,duel jewel,
body art,
pin pricks and devil horns,
my kittie hat,
torturing the jicked up speed freaks,
needles and d-rings,
blackened eyes and broken grins,
hand done body peircings with big safety pins,
body paint,
ufo catcher plushies,
the blatant misuse of the death penalty and the electric chair (yea, texas!),
chocolate milk,
kasugi gummies and nong shim spicy beef lunchboxes,
pucca, and momokawa silver sake
when the food in the fridgy is so old it looks back at you when the light comes on,
people who think suicide and homosexuality are "trendy" things to do,
people who ignore the big "this will happen to you if you smoke" sign, internet stalkers, and take-out boxes that leak!*
props to the homies (lmao):
hi drew and shanna!!!!


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EddyBones on July 17, 2004, 4:42:56 AM

EddyBones on
EddyBonesP.S.- i obsees about *ALOT* of things

EddyBones on July 16, 2004, 3:14:15 AM

EddyBones on
EddyBonesHI! i luv your vash picture!! its so cool! hes the main thing i obbsess about!!XD

ren_fan on June 17, 2004, 9:25:49 AM

ren_fan on
ren_fanHi! I saw that you liked starrfire's pic of Spike, how 'bout you check out the one I drew! ^_^

Cloud_Strife_Biggest_Fan on April 20, 2004, 2:32:04 AM

Cloud_Strife_Biggest_Fan on
Cloud_Strife_Biggest_FanI really like your drawings keep up the good work

Cloud_Strife_Biggest_Fan on April 20, 2004, 2:32:01 AM

Cloud_Strife_Biggest_Fan on
Cloud_Strife_Biggest_FanI really like your drawings keep up the good work

KrimsonChaos on April 16, 2004, 7:02:16 AM

KrimsonChaos on
KrimsonChaosHey!! ^_^ *Japanese Bow* Hi there Mia-san (shall I call you that?? ^^ I think good drawers should always put a san or sama at the end of their names =D hehe so you should put it right at the end of yours!!) I've look at all your pics and I was delighted to see how great your piccies look ^^ Your bio is really cool and I like Goth (crossdressers) bishies too ^^ well you know I've got many many bishies and some of them ARE crossdressers ^^ I thank you SO much for writing me such a sweet comment and I'm really really happy that you liked both of my pics ^^ I sure hope that I'll get better though, so I could post more =D Continue drawing pwease!! You have a very interesting style and I wonder if you could even get better since you already draw pretty well =D ( comments are ALWAYS pretty long...I'm too talkative...) ^_^ I'm eager to see more pics from you and I hope that you'll like my other (and maybe better...) draws!! See you around Mia-san! =D Krimson

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