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kitti_is_my_name's Profile
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Member Info
Yo..this is Kitti your talking to, the cat who really likes drawing and most of all, dragons. My dragons work is what actually brought me to this up-standing ovation of artwork that I do today. I originally started with the realistic anime work with horses. And although I may not do them all that much anymore I still appreciate what people have to say about the artwork I do, do. I'd like to thank all my friends who have made this possible and a special friend named Niku-chan who actually brought me to this site. I'll enjoy meeting everyone of you guys and I'll tell you a little about myself when I feel like it.Right are the ones I'd like to thank :

Thank You's
- Niku-chan for being a good friend and being really supportive of my drawing career. You rule Niku-chan!
- MK, my Kimmi whose always helped me post these pictures on the E-net so that Niku-chan could put them on my profile. Go you Kimmi!
- My mother and my father for always being a part pf my life and telling me that no matter what I was a beautiful, talented little girl and persuading me to continue this drawing career I have going.
- My sister Jenna who is about to be blessed with a baby boy/ girl and who I will love and charish dearl even though we live so far apart.
- My blessed animals : Snake: Ember who has always made me feel different Cat: Willow who has always comforted me even when he was a baby kitten Cat: Ditto, the oldest and wisest cat that I have. SHe is about 8 years old and is the calmest little thing I'd ever met.
- Nikki, who has always been a good friend fromt eh start and has impulsed me to also continue with my work.
- Katie, one of my friends who doesn't appreciate when I cuss around her but I live with it anyway. She's still a good Christianic friend.
- And myself, for being who I am today and never changing reguarless of what other people may think of me. I love everyone here on the network as my brothren or as a sister. You guys rule and if you have anything you need help with, I'll always be there for you.

Now, here are some of the following things that I enjoy doing and will probably enjoy doing until I'm very old:

- Drawing as always; will never forget about that
- Swimming; I enjoy excersize and this is the best way to obtain my slim figure.
- Hanging with my friend ; I will never forget about any of them
- Role Playing on the E-net with everyone I know
- Fedding my snake ; I love watching the pinkie go down her rather large esophogus ( LOL )
- Watching anime movies and reading all the comics that I can possibly find.

Now, here are some of my favorite things and I'll try to make this short and simple for those of you who are really getting annoyed by me now:

- Cheese Ramen ; CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT!!!!
- Black ; it has always been my favorite color and probably alwasy will be. Don't get me wrong I am not gothic.
- Dragons; I've alwasy adored them ever since my friend RiRi showed me what they were. Hopefully I will get better so you guys won't have to waste your time looking at my pictures.
- My Playstation 2 for those times when I feel like kicking back and being lazy ( as well as watching TV. Those are in the same category. )
- Being a goof-ball and making my friends laugh
- Darkness ; I always love the darkness of a black room where my hands are wrapped around one another because I;m simply crazy and had to be put in a straight jacket. ( >> XD )
- Being who I am and just watching a beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

Now here are some of the things I hate, which are limited but all the same its a long list:

- those who think they are superior
- snobs
- preps
- pink ; always hated that color ( ew, just saying it makes my skin crawl, or even typing it )
- pricks
- cheerleaders ( even though I was one at one time and may be joinging the cheer squad next year )
- perky people
- cocky people
- goody-goodies who think they know-it-all( partcially the reason I hated my friend Alexandera. Not much of a friend huh? )
- Cellphones ; man do we really need one!?

Hehe..if thats not enough info for you I'll keep going on with some of my favorite bands like....

- Slipknot
- Red Hot Chili Peppers
- Green Day ( old and new )
- Linkin Park ( always have loved there music )
- Evanescence ( don't poke my eyes out, dark music is me )
- The occasional Avril Lavigne ( some of her music does make sense )
- Yellowcard ( can't get Ocean Avenue out of my head! )
- BoA ( bow down before the occasional IY music BoA! )
- Anything thats japanese ( love the song " Butterfly " that was once played on Cardcaprot Sakura )
- Anything 'Now'
PS: I had to change my e-mail. It's my friends now here. NEW SN.


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shadow_demoness on July 26, 2006, 2:32:59 PM

shadow_demoness on
shadow_demonessIts ok! I am soooooooooooooooooooooo(gasp)ooooooooooo sorry for not replaying sooner! >.< I havn't been on for AGES!!! AH! but now I'm back! and hopefuly I've gotten better O.o if not I'm trying to be a good artist! ^.^;;; but yeah. Tell Gothic thanx even if she didnt post up the pic i requested O.o i need ta check...if not oh well still give her my thanx! ^-^ g2g!

shadow demoness (>^.^)>

Qing on May 31, 2006, 3:05:05 AM

Qing on
QingCool pics your really good

AJay-the-Pyro on February 10, 2006, 9:56:56 PM

AJay-the-Pyro on
AJay-the-Pyrocheck out 'winged wolf' for the contest placings!

tonycat on January 1, 2006, 3:51:28 AM

tonycat on
tonycatcopycat: hey kitti wanna be
roki: friends?

kaname_yasha5689 on December 20, 2005, 6:13:12 AM

kaname_yasha5689 on
kaname_yasha5689Hello Kitti I was just wondering about your request what village do you want her to be from?What about Niku, same village?In your new pic of her is that the oufit you want or would you prefer the group to be in ANBU uniforms?Oh yeah from now on your a part of the team (hope you like being a honorary member of the team).Our ANBu squad is made up of all girls except for Haiku, and sometimes will team up w/ other Black Ops members.Well give me the info ASAP so I can start on it.(Oh yeah the original team(me, Kamaya,Kat,and Haiku are all from the outer region of Konoha.You can be to if you want, you decide)

Rikus_Lover_MINE on December 18, 2005, 2:17:02 AM

Rikus_Lover_MINE on

Yesh I know your birthday ish coming up!


I have your Christmas present but not your b-days......



I got it!

must go work on it!

-runs off with scissors-



Riku: -slaps head- Why does she do that? -_-U

Haru:I dunno -_-U

Sauske: Bleh -_-U


Ladidah_ on December 11, 2005, 9:22:36 PM

Ladidah_ on
Ladidah_Yo! then.. can you draw my favourite uchia itachi!? ^.^
That'd be great! Yeah, i'm drawing a comic too, it's called Sin, i've done 20 pages, but my scanner is broken *sob*

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