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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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[Republic Commando, post Hard Contact] The clone commandos contemplates the simple things as Omega Squad prepares for their next mission onboard a luxury liner.
Yuuko asks Watanuki to deliver a bracelet to his least favorite person. Will he finally realize what's seemed so obvious to everyone else? Or is Yuuko just wasting her time? (WatanukiXDoumeki)
Just some helpful tips on how to kill Sora(all Sora fans I mean no offence)
(One shot) Fuu and Jin share a short, but meaningful
conversation. Fuu decides that even a simple response can sometimes mean a lot.
Tenshi, a young boy suddenly finds himself lost in the Shadow Relm, where the evil King Akuma reigns. In order to save his life, Tenshi's father must take away all of his son's memories and hide him in a village in hopes that Akuma will not find him.
Rie's life isn't like she wants it to be. She doesn't feel loved or needed. Till somebody shows up who claims he needs her
Its what we do
Something has been irritating Zoro. What irritates him more is that he can't figure out what it is. And as if he's not having enough trouble, Luffy is just making things worse. (ZoroxLuffy)
i thought it would be funny.
Okay, wanted to write yaoi. Finally was there, explaining all about Ray. So if you wanna read, go ahead: NO SPOILERS ^-^
One shot. Shikamaru tells about his odd conversations with Sasuke. Hints of one-sided SasuNaru.
Sakura arranges for Hinata to go out for ramen with Naruto. Does it count as a date? Yay, I'm finally writing a NaruHina fic!!
(One Shot, I think...) Pretty much just Sasuke's thoughts on Naruto. Hints of one-sided shonen ai.
Just another short story that i wrote
Kay like to talk about himself. Dont blame me!
This is another short story that i wrote for the plurlist contest, except this one was for this year. Oh, i won for this one too. ^_^
Its a short story that i wrote for the Plurlist Contest at school last year. Its short. Oh, and I came in first.
I just wrote this down cuz I'm bored. I think if I handed it in as an assignment, my teacher would say it was very powerful...I dunno...just a poem? I dunno if its a poem or not, it doens't rhyme, and is kinda long for a peom. So I dunno. XP
I'm still writing this story so I dont have a name for it yet... eh heh...
This is an idea of what might of happened after the Tucks left in the Novel - Tuck Everlasting
It's my very first fanfic!! It's about the game Legend of Mana. I used the female main character, and it's alot like the game, but better, 'cause it's the way I like it. ^_^