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Its Pan’s final year of high school, yet her mind is wandering far away from her work.Her childish feelings for Trunks have metamorphosed into full fledged love. She soon discovers that loves not as wonderful as its said to be. Will he ever like her?
When The beloved classic book Memoirs of a Geisha came out, the world fell in love with The Japanese Cinderella Story of Sayuri. Not much is known of her mentor, Mameha, so here is my attempt at her past, told through her point of view.
Naruto and Hinata’s son, Noritada, is now a ninja academy student, along with Sasuke and Sakura’s son, Satchio. Now Noritada and his friends must go through the challenges the generation before went through. Will they make it? Please read!
What if naruto returned in six years instead of two? Naruto relizes that he loves Hinata, so he asks her out, Only to realize that she's Kiba's Fiance. Will she stay faithfull to Kiba, or be with The one person she's wanted her whole life?
A poem from Link's point of veiw. Its about how he misses her. please Read and reveiw.
A poem about Kakashi through his point of veiw
Please read, and comment ^_^
Ino usualy grimaces at the thought of choji ever being with anyone, afterall, he is a "fat @$$ who doesnt deserve anyone". But, what happens when that used to be "unlucky girl" is her?
When my dad was in the hospital and i didnt know if he was gonna make it or not, i thought this up
he fine now, though ^_^
a short fanfic i made in my spare time. There will be more chapters. sry for the error in the begginining, but that should say NAVI PARADOX.sry.