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Recent Stories by Favorite Authors

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Another week of crazyness and romance.Plus the appearance of past lovers.+_+
They're back,but Ruby has a secret that she's keeping from everyone.How will this affect her relationship with Zolo and her friends?+_+
This is an old story of mine.It's not a good as my previous creations,but it's still funny.I included some of my friends and enemies.+_+
Did you ever want to journey into a world of absurd fiction and strange adventures?Another classic story in anime form.+_+
Jennifer and the others go to visit Jennifer's cousin Shampoo.But,what seems to be a simple visit turns into a crazy week.+_+
It's Halloween!But somthing weird is going on+_+
Jennifer takes the guys to her home town.They meet her old friends and one evil relative.Find out who it is+_+
Yusuke and the others fall into this weird portal.And they meet Inyasha and the others.Now they have to find a way home+_+
It's a kew story of how hilary disapear
It's Christmas!^_^Jennifer is acting strange.See whats up.
I thought I'd make some bloopers of my story.+_+Hope you like them.
Hiei turned into a chibi+_+See what happens.
They all get stuck in a video game and have to get out.Find out if they get out or not.+_+
Jennifer and Hiei switched!See if they can get threw a walk in each others shoes.+_+
My stories are back and better than ever+_+See the romantic start to the funny end.
This is a tribute to all you out there who have commented on my work, or done pics or is a friend of RJ!! TAKE A LOOK! LOL ^^