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Hmmm. Well this was done as a short story in the BB manga. I just took the originl and made it longer, detailed and better =P. So its basically what ACTUALLY had happened in Yurys childhood. I just added more tid bits into it.
hehe, cuteness and stupidity...please comment
well...please comment...
Sasha claims he's not sick. Milla disagrees.
I know it looks a bit dramatic, hey, its based on my life and my bestfriend's life at 1st year highschool...everybody can relate to this, especially Kai...
this is the short portions! This holds Kai's life in the new generation...yeah sort of, it's still a fanfic, many of you'll think that this story is absoluely cute, addorable and's really funny in some parts, please comment, there
Random oneshots by yours truly! I know they kinda suck, go easy on me. I'm not that good with fanfics. *sob* And also for some strange reason, the text seems to be screwed up. *sob*
what would you feel if somebody sees you wearing nothing...
Warning: reading this may cause uncontrollable laughing, seizure etc. I'm not responsible for anything that is bad, happens.

As Vikki says, "There's no such thing as Shame in Insanity!"
im doing requests....if i get to caught up.....u know what happens....
This is a story from the point of veiw of my oc character (Shocker) He is looking for his brother and finally found him.
Life with the Keyblade Master is anything but boring. A series of one shots over life with Sora and his friends.