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Abused by the head of her family, Rin Sohma turns to a well-known website for a way out... All she needs to do is untie the red string.
When Yuki walks in on Tohru with another boy, he becomes butter and woman hatig, pushing Tohru away more. Does he still love her on the inside?
Yuki Sohma, as you all know, he's a kind person, but has trouble telling people whats on his mind. But when He meets Maya things seemed to change for the both of them. (Hope you read and tell me what you think about my story x])
ok well basically these are all words i have used in my fanfiction stories if any of you folks are confused about what a japanese word is just look up the term in here and if it isnt in here ask me to post it and i will do so! ^_^ hope this helps!
Basically, Kyo is hit by a car and hospitalized for damage to his lungs. It only gets worse over time. He finally confesses his love for Tohru, but does she love him? Even if she did could their love be strong enough to conquer death itself? Kyoru fluff!
"You're warm." He said. "But why are you cold?" She asked.
This is dedicated to all of those shippings out there. More details in the first chapter.
Stories I write in my free time... It has characters from all over the place, so I wasn't really sure what catergory to put it in... READ AND ENJOY!!!! ^-^
HOLY COW! An ENGLISH title. The fourth story. Yay.

Yuki moved in and Kay is debating over her feelings for him and Seto. When she dates Yuki, will Seto's jealousy lose her heart and will Adelinda finally be found? All will be answered here.
Tohru goes to visit her cousin (Kagome) with Yuki and Kyou. Haru and Momiji join up with them and instead of seeing Kagome... Well, read it!
right. I'm nut's, this parody is proof.enjoy!For some reason, it won't show comma's
a fruits basket story!its my first i've never written a story on fruits basket sooo my first time! its going to about how the curse is broken!
YukixxTohru pairing. ROMANCE!
(The stuff in red doesn't mean anything. I donno why it's red ^-^)
I would like to give some credit to my friend who helped me with this story!
(You know who you are! THANK YOU!)
Ayame finds Hari's video camera and torments the other Sohma's and some of my own characters.Some gay sugestions, but nothing big.
Uhmm... just a regular story about Tohru Honda and the terrible secret of the Sohma Family cure
Three random little Fruits Basket papagraph-long stories I made up.. Each has it's own little meaning behind it, and I think they're kinda cute.. Please comment! ^^
This is my first story being wrote in a long time...I finished it 5:12pm...July 01, 04. It's for Fruits Basket. It's told through someone's point of veiw. I have a unique way of writing. >_>;; So you can kind of pick. It's told through either Yuki or