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Being cool doesn't always mean you're popular. But in this case, it does! (:
These are the many adventures of my Oringal comic book charecters, Supreme Team X! The members include Dash, Katie, Sarina, and Tyson!
A Student choice piece started at my school. I thought i'd post it and continue it here at FAC! It's kinda like, Harry Potter meets Superheroes! Hoot!
It's a poem about love...
Yup, I've done about 50% of these. =D
DML and YM have made a school. the college of outstanding learners or C.O.O.L.
Oh yeah, this was Draco_Malfoy_Lover's and Yeslen-Muurlas' idea but Hermiones_best_friend has helped too.
he is a good person he is a loveable person and a family man
its my favourt song go on and click on Private Eye it rocks
ok this is just a chapter of cool things....and no i didn't make this one up....