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longer follow up story to the short story
Ms Naughty Kisses Mr. Persnickety
Well here is the sequel to "Gone like the Petals of a Cherry Blossom"! Sakura has left to find her father''s killer. What will Sasuke and Naruto and the others do?
Feeling a little trippy... yeah
Never let go.
This is my version of the story, after the last episode - I've thout up a few more , but all in good time
This is a Christian poem about no matter how hard you try to get away, Yahweh will never let you go.
my theory of charlie's life...
A day (Or morning) in the life of Inspector Prince. Go Go Gadgetinis/Curious George. Ted (The Man in the Yellow Hat) X Insp. Prince. ONESHOT
Dick-MAD Agent Dick from GGGs. Prince-Inspector Prince from GGGs. Ted-The Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George(Dick's bro in this). Katie-a pally of mine who is obsessed with Agent Dick. The crowd-Insert random characters.
tis a poem for someone that needs to get his head fixed!
a new friend with our heroes but can they trust him
16 year old Danny Fenton is moving away from Amity Park. Read to find out what happens to him on his moving day and between him and Sam Manson.
Please Read!

It is now completed! There might even be a sequal...
This is another poem, a happy one actually, that i had to include to take up space on a art project i did, i drew a small girl on a glass horse.