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Okay, so, it starts out the same, then changes...'cause I add my own character (zea) to the story!!!
great story about friendship & action!!
(yes, Link's still the star of the show)

My frist fan fiction it is about a laps in time which a boy link travels though.
Everytime someone say the words "Spontaneous Combustion" around Link, he has a sudden reaction of bursting into flames...
I'm not going to give a summary of my story until it's added to FAC so sorry!
the story of a young 16 year old girl who is realated to link.Or is she?
this story is about a dimension trekker. it's about her adventures in Hyrule, beginning with her life in the Opera Populair. She meets one of her best friends, and discovers more about life. and more importantly about herself...
A poem from Link's point of veiw. Its about how he misses her. please Read and reveiw.
Hey, everyone. This is the profile of my Kokiri character from Legend of Zelda: The Legion Hero, a Zelda-themed Role Playing board that I Co-Administrate. You can follow her continuing adventures there.
This is a story for my character,Kiki. Many of my stories are just practice for the real things that happen in Kiki's life. So I may change a few things in previous chapters as the story progresses.
Have you ever wounder what Link would do if he had to cut Looking Glass Cake? Find out in this silly little short story. Enjoy it!
this story is about the characters in Zelda and if you wanna know about it please read... hopefully you will enjoy it
[img] Videos/Zelda&image=zelda8.jpg[/img]
This is a story i wrote myself! Seeing as though every zelda game has a differnt story, I made up my own.
The ultimate battle between Link and Bob the Redead. Mild language and violence. Many surprises. Be careful.
This is like my Ocarina of Time: My Way but this is the manga version. It will have some Japanese phrases and is very funny. The first chapter is very cheesy but hey, just give it a shot! Enjoy!
Link, a young boy has to save the world from destruction. But get this: he's like seven years old. Yes this is the same thing as the game folks just more humor, and more chaos. Please comment. I wanna know if people think it's good or bad.
This is just one of those 'Link gets tormented by Navi' fic. Don't worry it's funny enough! It has a japanese phrase like in all of my stories. Mainly Link bashing. Nothing to violent though. But very funny. Ja ne! /Seeya!/
This is basically an alternate version of the Wind Waker
A girl named Sage, who's a traveler ended up in a forest and met Saria, who took her to the Kokiri village, where she met Link and the two kids ended up working together for the quest to save Hyrule.
Hope you like it! It's about Bluefairy421 and Linkypoo!
My first request so dont hurt me!
And only two chapters are in the story.
As you can see from the title they're going to be drunk. so if your scared of drunks don't read this with out a safty buddy....... do you have your safty buddy?
What DOES that four-letter word really mean? On Valentine's Day, the concept of love is spelled out clearly for Roy in a trial of clues left by his lover.
It's the Winter Dance, but there's only one person Roy wants to be with. A person he can't have.
When a mysterious pink-haired girl stole Link's master sword, Link has to go on a hilarious dimension traveling journey to get it back... or does he?
When Zelda decides to give Link back those 7 years he lost sleeping, something goes terribley wrong! Instead of sending Link back in time, she winds up erasing his memory instead...
Link and Zelda sittin' in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love... then comes marriage... then comes a baby in a baby carriage! ... *Cough* sorry... several babies... That REALLY stress out Link! (PG)