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Cliche and drab, yet oddly satisfying.
Another world, a new story to be told, and this one it a story of a friends fight to save something they never thought of, a story of great evil and of great light.
A story of light and dark, right and wrong
The universe is at war but who can stop the certain devistation, no-one can do anything. Until the lives of six girls collide; each one from different heritage. Could these six help save the universe or be the key in its destrction.
Sometimes Roxas just got tires of it all.
This is a six parter that i plan to make as a claymation. Alot of well known characters enter the portal. Something about Newgrounds.
two worlds got mixed and their destiny said that 2 angels, a cetra and an old group will save there worlds from destruction. final fantasy 7 and 9 crossover!
Rivalry Between Friends.. CHECK OUT MY PROFILE PLEASE. This aint finished btw