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Don't read. The story is stupid and I wrote it at midnight, when I was half-asleep. Read if you must. Comment before faving to tell me why the hell you think this story is good.
Imagine.....your closest friends that know you inside, and out....that aren't supposed to be real....that you can't feel....can't hear.....can't see....coming to life. How would your world change? Mild violence cursing sex and might have yaoi
3 girls go to a park to have hang out, but they end up meeting 3 vamps, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward...and one gets bitten. Will the other two girls stay human? Slight yuri. very slight.
Foxx and Iteco are friends....but how long will that last? Song-fic....Jun-Jun sux at summeries T3T...ums....>.>....some spoilers for Suki readers...>.<
Anastasia and Lilly are new students at Ritsuka-kun's school...but what happens when Ritsuka learns they're a fighter unit named 'Bloodless'? Why are they both alone in the world? And what's Anastasia's asosiation (sp?) with Semptimal Moon?
What happens when my friends and I get kidnapped by vampires? Utter insaneness, that's what! Some chapters may contain sexual content and violence
Foxx learns what puppets are and what they do! B4 the story of Naruto starts! I don't own Naruto or Oni!
Naruto and co find themselves, after being on a comp for some reason, in the Digiworld! How the hell did that happen? Read to find out. Season o' Digimon: Frontier (don't like it, don't read it)
Comment/Flame if you read plz ^^
Naruto and co get transfered some how to the YGO GX world. What crazy fricked up crap'll happen? Read to find out! -dramatic pose- :D
What happens when Naruto, co, and Foxx (OC) become reall? ALl hell breaks loose-that's what!
Suki=Love (not like the one on Gaara's head! That's ai) :D
Lot's o' japanese, mild language, sexual contect (at end), and video game refrances. (a lot more about it inside!)
MBS suck at sumary.
Crap....I suck at, girlz only please.
What happens when in 7th grade, I find out about two things: #1, the hottest guy in school likes me, and #2, two guys are gay? Mayhem. WHat else?!?!
Oh, and this is through my POV!! :P
Crap...bad with this....err....JUST READ IT!
What happens when Foxx's friend, Oni (Kpt14's OC), comes for a mission to Konoha? What weird things comes to mind when she finds out that Foxx has the week off and has nothing to do? OCxSasuke OCxGaara
My friends and i throw a very funny thingy! Yay!