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Demolitiongal's Profile

Demolitiongal's Profile
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Username Demolitiongal Gender Female
Date Joined Location Um...Ze Earth!!! ((Now Scotland!!))
Last Updated Occupation Crazy High Skool Pupil
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Member Info

Member Info
Name: Natasha Belli or Natasha Davidson or Ryuichi (Ryu-chan...RyuRyu!))
Age: 13 ((And I love Yaoi...I know I'm a perv...))
Birthday: 10th February 1993 ((Remember my birthday cards!!))

A little bit about meh...
Obviously, I'm crazy, but you might already have figured that out! I luff yaoi...but not yuri seeing as I am a girl... though the strange thing is that if I was a boy, I would be gay, I'm sure of it...

Anyways, my fave Mangas/T.V Shows/Anime Games ((KH + Stuff)) are:
Rurouni Kenshin
Pienemien's Ray!!
Fruits Basket
One Piece
Shaman King
Final Fantasy
And a few others...but I've forgotten them...

I've never actually played KH or FF before...but I want to!!

My fav music/bands...
Marilyn Manson (('specially drawn as a Chibi!))
Linkin Park
Limp Bizkit ((I can never spell that...))
Green Day
Alien Ant Farm
Roadrunner United
Sum 41
Blink 182 ((That have broken up?! NOOO!!))
The Used
My Chemical Romance
Franz Ferdinand
Kasier Chiefs
Maroon 5
Nine Inch Nails
Snow Partol
System of a Down

And people like that! No wonder my fav word that isn't random is ROCK!! Oh yeah, anyone who likes that stuff and who hasn't read it, read the Kerrang magazine!! Every Wednesday!!

I do draw my own pictures and I will find a way to get them up somehow... my school tutor group ((like a mini class I'm with for half and hour a day-we just chat)) has a scanner so maybe I could use that...
Anyways, I draw Beyblade stuff, some Shaman King, random others, my own things and...I I draw people I know at school as manga characters...
I'll let ya all know when I get some pictures up!!

What I look like...
Hair Colour: Dark red with bits of brown in it
Eye Colour: Silvery-Blue ((Really!!))
Weight: I'm not tellin'...and I dunno anyways. Not fat.
Height: 5ft 3-4 or something...taller than my mum, who is 5ft 2...
Sex: Female...but you already knew that, didn't you?
Hair Length: Just a little longer than shoulder length...
Fav style of clothing: Gothic/black or Skater style/baggy jeans ect. Will occasionally wear a long black or crimson dress...if I feel like it...
Blood type: ...I

I refuse to wear skirts that come too high as well coz I'm not exactly the best looking person in a skirt... That does NOT mean I am fat!
Oh, I have scars on my knee from various bike accidents and evil stones that are actually cemented into the was I supposed to know that?! I was two!

My Family...
I live with my mum and two sisters, Carolyn ((9)) and Hannah((nearly 11 months)). ((This was done 30/10/05))
My dad left about a year ago and still gives us hassle, so I could be moving to Scotland don't actually want to really, even though all my family's up there. I have to leave all my mates if I move...
And I live in the best place for rain, cloudy days and humid summers. Guess!!!

My Friends on FAC:
((I count ya'all as my m8's! Even if you didn't realize!))


There shall be more people, I just havta meet them first.

My Fave Song At The Mo:
True Light - DNAngel anime theme song

My Fave Phrase At The Mo:
FISH!!! ((Dun ask why...))

I Am Currently Writing:
Mark Caliver 2
A Social Centre Story ((No name yet))
Random Short fics

I Am Currently Obsessed With:
Dark DNAngel!!
Collecting bishi pics!!

My Bish Collection Includes:
Cloud ((FFVII))
Vincent ((FFVII))
Yazoo ((FFVVIIAC))
Kadaj ((FFVVIIAC))
Kenshin! ((Rurouni Kenshin))
Yuki Eiri ((Gravitation - I think))
Shuichi ((Also Gravitation))
Dark ((DNAngel))
Daisuke ((DNAngel))
Hot Vampire Guys
Sora ((Kingdom Hearts))
Riku ((Kingdom Hearts))
Reno! ((FFVIIAC))
Chester ((Linkin Park))
Mike ((Linkin Park))
Howl ((Howls Moving Castle - Movie))
Sieg Hart ((Rave Master))
Shuda ((Rave Master))
Kurda Smahlt ((Darren Shan))
Matthew Bellamy ((Muse))
Trouble ((Crazytown))
Squall ((FFVIII))
Zell ((FFVIII))
Seifer ((FFVIII))
Tidus ((FFVX - I think))
Aya ((Weiss Kruez - Can't spell))
Link ((Legend of Zelda))
Musica ((Rave Master))
Sanosuke ((Rurouni Kenshin))

There are others, I think. I might have done them all...whatever. That's it for now. If I find another bishi I'll add him to my list. *grins*

My Hobbies:
Singing ((Mainly to True Light))
Drawing Manga!!
Writing/Typing my stories
Sitting in graveyards humming random things
Writing my own songs
Writing my own poems
Playing my music a little TOO loud so my mum yells at me
Eating chocolate chip cookies
Yelling the word 'FISH' a little too often...

If I was an animal, I would be:
((This is a weird question))
I'd be a Dragon if I could. Or I'd be a bat or something.

If I could have a control over an element, it would be:
Fire or Air. But I can already fly in a plane, so most likely fire.

My Fave fruit:
...why am I asking this?
Clementines. Really sweet ones.

My Fave drink:
Blackcurrant juice and fresh orange or pineapple

I want to...
Be an author when I grow up ((or now is fine))
Be an artist when I grow up ((Wait, I already am...))
Be able to read Japanese easier

If I was a random object, what would I be:
A huge brick who randomly drops onto evil peoples heads. Or a cinderblock is better than a giant it isn't...coz it is a giant brick...whatever!!!

What's cooler in my opinion?

I have to say Spirits...though Witches are cool too.

My fave crystal:
Amethyst ((My birthstone!! ^0^))

Fave book that ISN'T anime/manga:
Dunno. Too many favourites.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My old profile was so I made it bigger by adding random questions...

Okay...that's it for now, someone email me!! I get so bored sometimes!!! Looking at cute pics is the only thing that keeps me sane!!!

Viva La Vista baby! ((What does that mean?! I just had to say it for some reason...))


I'm adding even MORE to this...

30th April, half five at night (UK time)

I have read all comments I recieved since last visiting on my aunts computer. The story 'I'm never alone with you' will have new chapters, when I get around to them. I'm a reeeeally busy gal, I can tell ya. I've got thousands of stories I have to write - one of which I will publish when its finished. It's called Amethyst, so look out for it soon - plus my mum's getting me to go to coucelling and all that to help me go back to school. I've been off with deppression - a broken heart, but I ain't gonna tell em that, am I?
Anyways, I'm eatin' now, so I'm gonna stop typing before I run outta space...
Bye bye guys! I enjoy reading your comments! *throws cookies at everyone*

P.S anyone read Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment? I bought it yesterday and could not put it down! It rocks! It's my new fav book - not including manga. My fave manga is probably Gravitation...or Loveless...LOVELESS ROCKS!!!




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SaikieChan on March 10, 2010, 10:03:34 AM

SaikieChan on
SaikieChanRandom hi from your friendly neighborhood Saikie. :D

MINA-CHAN on November 18, 2006, 2:13:31 PM

MINA-CHANi have your picture finished..but i gotta wait till tomarrow to upload it ;-;

Winters_Phoenix on March 27, 2006, 3:00:56 AM

Winters_Phoenix on
Winters_Phoenixhey dem-dem!
Thanks for the nice comment i'm glad you liked my pictures.
I love your stuff to! Hope to hear from you again soon.

yours truly,
Winters Phoenix.

KATANA158 on January 1, 2006, 7:17:11 AM

KATANA158 on
KATANA158I had a great christmas.Wasn`t bad at all.I noticed that u weren`t logged in everytime i was and i got really worried.^o^ It`s awsome to hear from u again!This is my last day of winter break and i go back to school younger sisters birthday was 3 days ago and her crazy friend came over. We watched the last volume of D.N.Angel on DVD. I won`t tell u anything cause i don`t want to spoil it 4 u. i stood inside my house all day on New Years eve and watched the ball drop on T.V.

Anyway, how was your christmas?


KATANA158 on December 31, 2005, 1:15:39 PM

KATANA158 on
KATANA158HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!^______^

rainbow101 on December 7, 2005, 12:40:24 AM

rainbow101 on
rainbow101omg hi

Freyja on November 30, 2005, 7:06:52 PM

Freyja on
FreyjaHulo, sorry make you waiting for my reply ^^;; I seldom log in on this site ;p Btw, I forgot the link to that fic, but you can search it on Livejournal. Just type Maxine-chan on the username and you'll get her lj page ;) Tell me if you still cannot find them. And thanks for the compliment :heart: you yourself is a great artist! Luv your colouring technique =)

KATANA158 on November 22, 2005, 8:14:35 AM

KATANA158 on
KATANA158After having a talk with a friend on here i`ve decided i won`t leave FAC.I`ve been convinced...well at least for now until i`m old enough to leave my parents house or i die an early age.



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~Chibi Emerald Characters!!!~

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