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Favorite Stories

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Yu-Gi-Oh story. I do not own yu-gi-oh, or any of the cahracters in this story, except Ana-Gaelle and Marc.
THIS IS MY FURBIE STORY. unfortunately, i dont own Furuba, and if anyone has any problems with this story i will delete it AGAIN, it is only back by popular demand. My character, Kuroumo, replaces Rin.
Testing out some possible story lines.
Kaede Mishua live with her grandparents in Domino City. She loves her school and her friends. But there is a certain guy she finds it impossible to like, but maybe he is the one she will love?
Yah ummm... this here's my first poem in Fanart central... and also it's my first poem with anything to do with YGO, so please don't hate...
...and if you like Yami no Yuugi and/or Rishid, please don't read this...cuz they kinda get hurt...
A story based on the Lord of the Rings:
In the fond, loving, and sometimes absolutley hilarious memory of Emily Webster, the real Arwen.
If you have any difficulty reading the quenya (elvish), please email me - or leave a commen
Its is set in Middle Earth and starts around the time when the fellowship begins. Gilthoniel is the youngest sibling of Haldir of Lothlorien this story is about her life and her trying to cope with three older brothers.