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The real reason why none of the original characters are in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. It happened one fateful, stormy night, at St Katharine's school, England, when a group of friends were watching Yu-Gi-Oh. They never imagined that the events of that night would change their lives, forever.
I haven't figured out a name for the story yet, so this default title shall do for now. :D

Anyway, this is just a snipet of my web of thoughts surrounding a particular group of characters I created.

Hmm, I've got this idea going, and I have a few chapters of it down, but I'm not sure if I'll go through with it. I trash a lot of ideas. So, don't be surprised if the next sample of writing I put up is totally different.

And no, I do not have a title for this story. It will remain nameless until I find one.

Any critique and comments are highly appreciated.
Strange things have been taking place caused by the darkness and the cruel beings that live within it. Sora, Donald and Goofy must fight against the heartless joined by some new characters Princess Kita, Ti-Day and Ni-Ne Nite. Appointed by King Mickey t
My Friend Jazzy is moving away, This is my poem for her.
(she is keep_smiling on FAC
is is probably does not follow the plot of the films or the comicsor anything so I probably have done a hell of a lot wrong. This is just arandom fan-fic that I wanted to write. So yeah, I’m sorry if you don’t like itand correct me if you want to but
I asked my friend to help me out with my homework, since I am no good at writing poems. We had to write a poem about a black slave. She said i could post it on here if I wanted, as long as I give her full credit. Please, tell me what you think!
My Harry Potter Story. People I know are in it, but not with their real names, apart from kara potter, who does have her real name. Seiji and sophie are in as last night soph was insisting that she might not be seiji
Yu-Gi-Oh story. I do not own yu-gi-oh, or any of the cahracters in this story, except Ana-Gaelle and Marc.
THIS IS MY FURBIE STORY. unfortunately, i dont own Furuba, and if anyone has any problems with this story i will delete it AGAIN, it is only back by popular demand. My character, Kuroumo, replaces Rin.
Testing out some possible story lines.
This is a messed up poem...thingy. Yeah..its sorta like my feelings. It reminds me of people drowning, well that was the inspiration.
Lantathae's original story that happened during the Fellowship.
Kaede Mishua live with her grandparents in Domino City. She loves her school and her friends. But there is a certain guy she finds it impossible to like, but maybe he is the one she will love?
A story set between the battle of the last alliance and the fellowship in Middle Earth
Yah ummm... this here's my first poem in Fanart central... and also it's my first poem with anything to do with YGO, so please don't hate...
...and if you like Yami no Yuugi and/or Rishid, please don't read this...cuz they kinda get hurt...
A story told in first person by the one and only Yami Atemu! I got the idea from the song i named it after. It's not very long, but different for a change. Enjoy!
A story based on the Lord of the Rings:
In the fond, loving, and sometimes absolutley hilarious memory of Emily Webster, the real Arwen.
If you have any difficulty reading the quenya (elvish), please email me - or leave a commen
Its is set in Middle Earth and starts around the time when the fellowship begins. Gilthoniel is the youngest sibling of Haldir of Lothlorien this story is about her life and her trying to cope with three older brothers.
This is a short story about a bully, but it does have a slight twist.
I just came up with this story, it is just a bit of fun, but please just think before you say you don't believe in angels.
My newest Yugioh fic like Phantom of the Opera with a twist! ^_^ Read and Enjoy! Bwahahaha!
A story of the future i wrote for Language Arts last year. I like it, so i thought i'd post it.
This is a poem i wrote for someone when they seemed to be really depressed and i was under the impression that i could help. I don't think it did help. I found myself following the advise it gives to get through my own difficulties at one time. I