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RizyuKaizen's Profile

RizyuKaizen's Profile
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Username RizyuKaizen Gender Female
Date Joined Location Deadsvill AKA Quakertown PA
Last Updated Occupation 1st Semester College Student
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Member Info

Member Info
I am a 18 year old high school graduate that has just started college. I am going for Visual Communications and I plan to become either an animator or vedio game desiger. I love anime *espicaly Saiyuki.* I am a huge Sanzo fan and when I get some of my more fanart up you will be able to see that I love him a lot. :P<br><br>

I do take commisions to do, but they will have to wait till I get into my 4th semster, in which I started my first. And by then you will start to see me add a list of prices for items.<br><br>

Well I hope you like my artwork, and enjoy. *bows.*<br><br>

I am now talking requests. I will do anything for just a plane line drawing in pencil and ink to an oekaki. CG drawings are on hold for I am going to have to learn a new Photoshop program and I want to learn to proper way in class to use it rather then on my own. Line drawings will take some time to get up for my new comp with the scanner is going to come around some time next week and my paretns are not going to be home and we are not allowed to set it up then. But I will take the request and do them in the meen time. So just send me a shout in an e-mail and I'll get on them.<br><br>

~Rizyu Kaizen~<br><br><br>
Fun Little Quiz:<br><img src="" border="0" alt="blackwere"><br>You are a Black Talon, a breed of black werewolf<br>that is usually seen in a pack or 2 or more,<br>they have a muscular frame and are the largest<br>breed of werewolf. You are normally quiet but<br>if provoked will be tempted to bite rather than<br>bark. You prefer the darkness and seclusion of<br>your den but will venture outside oftern...
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darktsumesan on October 12, 2006, 9:47:08 AM

darktsumesan on
darktsumesanYou said requests right...I was wondering if you could do a picture of a blade liger...Anything would be nice really...If you want to, go for it. If you don't, okay.I probably won't bug you again anyway...

Shadowkitsunedragon on July 12, 2006, 3:57:51 AM

Shadowkitsunedragon on
Shadowkitsunedragon You made a cool Cyber Dragon ^_^!Do you want to be friends?

DARK_DORMENT on April 13, 2007, 8:45:33 PM

DARK_DORMENTdude don't ask to be ppls friends you gotta earn it ;)

Vampyre_Wrath on May 6, 2006, 1:21:37 AM

Vampyre_Wrath on
Vampyre_WrathMy dear Poppet, I have been a fan of your work for some time now. I looked through your gallery just recently and I realized that starting from the begining and going to the end you can clearly see the improvment in talent. As time went on your art got better and better. You found new tools and traits to elavate your talent to a new level of skill. You found things that would support your art style. I found it to be a pleasure to see that evolutionary change throughout your time here on Fanart Central. The way you color shine, creat shadows, make folds, ect..have all become rightful traits of you. So my love, I just wanted to say I thoughly enjoyed looking at your work. If you havnt already saught out a career in it then you prehaps should. Good artists shouldnt go unnoticed.

Ran_The_Hyena on February 24, 2006, 12:45:02 AM

Ran_The_Hyena on
Ran_The_HyenaAccording to your poll I'm a Silverwolf Werewolf! Actually, I consider myself a Hyena-Man, a Were-Hyena.
Anyway, I wanted to say, I was looking up Raptor Anthros on Deviant Art and found your incredibly large and wonderful treasure trove of pics, Allucen, Ewan, and my favorite, Naal! A Cyborg Dustrunner!!! That's just Awesome!

Are all Dustrunners incredibly beautiful, or have the ugly ones been neglected? ( ;

VegetaHolic on December 25, 2005, 2:13:57 PM

VegetaHolic on
VegetaHolic*hugs* Hi! I must say right now that I instantly loved your art ^^ and I should get along quite well, actually *grins* ...Except that you obviously like werewolves...of which I'm deathly afriad of....but, who cares, eh? XD

I was wondering, could I request a picture? It would mean so much to me. And if you would like to do an art trade instead, I wouldn't mind that ^^ As long as I don't have to draw a werewolf (so terribly sorry)........I'm just too afraid of them.

Just let me know what you wanna do by leaving a comment on my profile, 'kay? =D

Thanks! ^^

SerraRaven on August 16, 2005, 4:21:14 AM

SerraRaven on
SerraRavenI have a request that would be really lovely if you did it. Will you please draw Raine, and/or Sheena from Tales of Symphonia please.

River_Phoenix on August 4, 2005, 1:29:18 AM

River_Phoenix on
River_Phoenixeeek okay sorry >_< mine loads really fast o.O hmm.. wow college student.. i'm only 14 ^^;;

Rikus_Lover_MINE on February 15, 2005, 9:45:35 AM

Rikus_Lover_MINE on

Awwwwwwwww man! HE was sooo cool!!! But I understand completely!Im sorry that happend to you on DA I hate it when people steal (if thats what happend)well... at least I asked!^^

But (eventually) when I make meh story, I will have a reptial in it and he may have some simalratys so dont think I stole them from you or anything! For exsample, I oringanally planded for him to have spiky hair and a simalar weapon.(for the weapon I thought oh kohoku's ,from inuyasha, but without the chain...and 2 of them ^^) so.....yeah is that ok? I just dont want you to think that I stole it or anything, K?

oh! You wouldnt mind drawing more pictures of him? He is really cool.... So yeah that would be great! thanx!

You should also color the "Allucen Character" pictures you drew? That would be cool! ^^ You have wonderful skills! You really should! ^^

Thanx for your time


RizyuKaizen on October 17, 2004, 9:49:27 AM

RizyuKaizen on
RizyuKaizenWell thanks. I am realy honnored that you guys like my stuff so much. I know I dont keep up to date on this one as much any more, but I have a lot more of my better art on my DevianART gallery which is the link I have up top. So if you want you can go check out my stuff on there. Dont ask me why, but I switch between both when it comes to updating them ever so often. See ya guys later. I have some requests and trades to finish up.

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