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Shearay752's Profile
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Date Joined Location Inperu Daun (Impel Down) hahaha oh wait that's not funny and Garp is a douche
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Member Info
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i cant wait til "everyone" moves to canada tomorrow
i'm gonna have a party
and turn texas BLUE
so anyways
i'm coloring all the requests in marker right now (because my computer memory is near dead and because i havent done anything in marker in years ^_^)
also working on jedi's and orianajones' charries
plus i have VASE projects to work on
and i must finish reading 2 books by the end of this week
did i mention i'm in an impromptu band (sky limousine)
and we have audtions for the school battle of the bands this wednesday
oh and that i have a dental appointment tomorrow
so busy am i
\m/ rock on

12/31-1/1 (DOUBLEFINGER lol)
i mean happy new year people
so yeah
i'll be posting up the belated day 2 (Finally) today
sorry for the wait i've just been celebrating christmas for the last week now
because of all the family i have and i didn't have any free time
man it's late

and yes i know they're faceless
that's because i draw too small
i just go back later when coloring and add the facial features digitally

well this is a first
usually i pick favorite characters because
1 they have pyrokinesis
2 they are just plain awesome
3 if they are a guy they are smexy and probably have long red or short bluish black hair
but for once i chose a pyro
1 his last name was cool
2 he didn't look like a total girlyman
3 his first name is cool and he looks cool
kain akatsuki
i just now found out he was a pyro thanks to alichino when i was looking at their gallery since they had submitted something right before i did
and to make sure that it wasn't just their own creative thinking
i looked it up on my internet bible (wikipedia)
and sure enough it says
"Kain's ability as a vampire is the opposite of Aido's, the ability to conjure and control fire."
so yeah that's one of the few interests i don't share greatly with my double
that shoujo crap
like furuba (fruits basket) (aka basketcases)
i've only seen like the first like 5 episodes of it(which she seems to REALLY like)
i hate that tohru chick she's annoying but her friends are cool
and it turns out that my favorite character (the dog)
is like evil or something idk (it's always that fav going evil)
go ask alex (ha ha go ask alice go ask the only one that's gonna get that probably...)
so anyways
strange stuff...
but at least they don't sparkle
(well besides their eyes...)
man i'm strange
so anyways
day one is complete
(sort of)
go check em out

it's a bit hard to keep to my promise when the main computer is acting slow and what not
but the scanner is still working
so somehow
someway i should be able to get up those requests
the only other problem is that if fanart stills does that 3 picture limit
so yeah
gotta go finish the rest up
if there is a limit
here's the list

~*~day one:
~MeruMeru- Elk
~Sahkah- Louis and Marie
~auron6658- Zantum

~*~day two
~KankurousPuppetGirl1- Nikkiara
~TsuNekoChan- Nataliya
~princezuko101- Kioshi and TOshiyuki

omfg i can't stop laughing
hiro's (okay okay masi oka's) voice keeps ringing in my head
man i'm such a heroes nerd
well then again i'm only slightly a heroes nerd (i haven't read more than like 6 pages of the web comic)
so anyways
daphne and him crack me up
thank God for comic relief
especially since everyone else is turning into douches
so anyways
i'm off to draw up requests and then make a portrait of silken floss from the spirit (once again my nerd is showing)
and work on another marker piece like the i did of smoker
i'm going kill those kids in art 1 if they try to jack my markers again
so anyways
peace out
war in

school is finally over for the semester!!!!
no more annoying people to deal with on a daily basis
thank God
and hopefully it will stay that way next semester
since i'll have two less class
well time to deliver presents

hello to:
drugs (over the counter -duh)
duct tape
spray paint
lottery tickets
cigarettes (eww...)
other stuff i can now do

because i'm officially



click on the following link for details


i love karma

man it's fun to be facetious too

so yeah

where was i?

i don't have to take a bunch of tests for school
(well besides the state test that i missed last year)
so i'm feeling really good right now
(or it might be because in nature of science today this guy made us sniff a strange looking plant which he said was "creosote bush"
but it looked like mary jane to me...
turned it out it really was just creosote...)
(but he had it in a baggy and everything...)


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Jiki_Chi026 on May 26, 2007, 9:24:54 AM

Jiki_Chi026 on
Jiki_Chi026...@_@ caught between "Saya and Angelus", and the last three...uhh...only three requests? Reeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaally? ^_^' okay...uh, i know i want Kashikoi and Larzenel, Tyra and Cerca...and...and...Varon, Rykin, Ado and Mori >.<...I think that Saya and Angelus hav most of the attention with them anyway. So, those are my three ^_^ Thanks!

Jiki_Chi026 on May 25, 2007, 6:29:16 AM

Jiki_Chi026 on
Jiki_Chi026We~ell...uhh...i love them all @_@...uhh...if there are couples, they are with the ones under the 'Likes' part of the profile, but their matches are on Angelus_Sazuhara2922's profile. Like Sexxxi, a.k.a. Saya, is with A_S's Angelus....Uhh, you can pick whoeva u want to draw in which photos. if you want, I can tell you the ones that are the closest with each other...if not, then you can just decide ^_^ let me know! And I'll try writing more tomorrow, okay? I keep meaning to write more and I will! :D

Jiki_Chi026 on May 23, 2007, 8:03:20 AM

Jiki_Chi026 on
Jiki_Chi026...WHOA! I won!...I wasnt sure u even got to see it XP but u did! YAY! :D So for my requests, i would, can you draw like, three piccies of my 'egos', but like, divy them up. Like draw three piccies, but draw as many or as little of my 'egos' as you like...please?

Shearay752 on May 23, 2007, 10:36:26 AM

Shearay752 on
Shearay752of course

stippie on May 23, 2007, 4:20:28 AM

stippie on
stippiewow, thanks, i never really won a contest before. i have no idea what i'm gonna ask for. maybe an elf. can you draw an elf with pointy ears? best if it's a girl.

Shearay752 on May 23, 2007, 4:46:37 AM

Shearay752 on
tis shalleth be fun

stippie on May 23, 2007, 7:37:13 AM

stippie on

ZoLu on May 15, 2007, 10:35:35 PM

ZoLu on
ZoLubut hes like the cutest and gothic character ever!! T__T oh well.. lol >.< evilness!






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