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vampiretalim's Profile
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Username vampiretalim Gender Female
Date Joined Location In my own world.
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Member Info
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Okee, so. Hi. I'm Alexandra. Alex, Talim, whatever you'd like to call me. I will tell you straight off, my favorite artist, and best friend on here is NekoHellAngel. She has a lot of fanart, OC art, and fanfics, along with OC fics. Gravi, Naruto, are some of the things she draws most. She's funny and inspiring so I advise you to check her stuff out!!! Note: She loves Yaoi. As do I. If you like Invader Zim, and things related and such, you need to check out Geckon_Lord_of_geckos pictures.
They both are amazing artists!!!

Real Name: It says up there!!!^^^
Age: 15
Birthday: August 26
Location: In my own U.S.A.

~I LOVE music
~Fav Anime: Loveless, Gravitation, Prince of Tennis, Fruits Basket, Sukisyo, Tokyo Mew Mew(hehe) annnd of course Inuyasha
~Fav Pairings: Riku x Sora(KH), Shuichi x Eiri(Gravi), Yukio x Toshiro(Gravi OC's by NekoHellAngel) and many more.
~Wish to live in France
~Wish to win the Aussie Open
~Wish to discover a constellation
~Play tennis
~Play cello
~I suck at spelling and grammer.
~I'm not allowed to have video games(which I really don't care).
~I don't like T.V. all that much, except for my certain shows.
~I like vampires.

Friends on FAC(not in any order, jeeze people are so touchy)








Style: Well, if you're going to put me into a stereo type, good freaking luck. Lookswise, I suppose you could say I am a prep. But I don't care about stereo types. Unless you just want to say blond. Lol.At

Hair: EXTREMELY curly, and it's natural, (I look like Alice in Wonderland when it's straight if I put a head band in it) no, I'm completely white, well, tanned. Lol, and it goes just below my shoulders.

Favorite Bands (top 5 in order)
1.The Academy Is...
2.Goo Goo Dolls
4.Enrique Iglesias

Favorite Colors: Black, Pink, and Purple

HOBBIES: Tennis, gym, school, listen to music & hanging out with my friends.


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superdwarf on January 3, 2006, 3:36:09 PM

superdwarf on
superdwarfWhy do people hate me so, beczim short, HEY SHORT!!!...noone likes me.

PS: How are you Vamp Talim

Vampire_Prince on January 2, 2006, 2:32:57 AM

Vampire_Prince on
Vampire_Princeim' cool, how about u? ^_^

abnd iv'e done a couple of realy kick-@$$ neko and vamp pics but i dont have a f***ing scanner!!!

NekoHellAngel on December 31, 2005, 11:08:08 PM

NekoHellAngel on
NekoHellAngelHiya! ^^ *waves* Happy 2006!! Yes, I am back now after leaving FAC for the holidays, have I missed anything? o.o How are you? Did you have a good Christmas and New Year? I hope you're happy and well and I hope to hear from you soon! ^^ Bye Bye for now!

Vampire_Prince on December 30, 2005, 4:35:59 AM

Vampire_Prince on
Vampire_Princeyeah... it hurt at the time, but that was about two or threee years ago, lol

YAY! alter ego's!!! i love 'em!

i've got two,

first theres Zanik, come say hello Zan,

Zanik: yeah, hi...

[he's my depressive side, best that you dont talk to him for too long or you'l get depressed]

Zanik: im still here you know...

me: oh.. sorry Zan

Zanik: whatever... *walks off*

me: k.. and theres Raz my side with more of a bishie boy attitude[either that or he's just a total flirt], c'mon Raz say hello

Raz: well, hellllo...

me: for god's sake put you'r shirt on!

Raz: cant you see im talking to a lady?

me: grrr! go back to your helpless attempts at cheering up Zan!

Raz: ugh! watever! *swishes his hair out of his eyes and walks off*

me: i can do that too yaknow! *swishes hair out of my eyes* ha!

well, as you can probably tell, i let Raz out when im at home, Zan out when im going out and ther rest of the time its usualy me...

Raz: HELP!!!

me: huh? what is it?

Raz: um.. i kinda told raz to eat his veggies, and now he's on a rampage with that vampiric comat knife you gave him for his birthday...

me: you told him to eat his veggies?! we've had to live together for twelve years and you still dont know what to do and what not to do?!

uh-oh! here he comes...

Zanik: time for you to eat.. eat steel!

me: oh screw!

Raz: RUN!!!!

well.. i'd better go... cya later...

Vampire_Prince on December 30, 2005, 1:32:35 AM

Vampire_Prince on
Vampire_Princeyeah.. about that *scratches back of head* i meant to say 'to school' sorry, its just that i was typing a bit too fast... anyway, i was walking down the coridor and a kid cme along and pushed me... dont worry though.. i kicked his @$$ the next day... AND JUST COS HE'S YOUNGER THAN ME DOES NOT MEAN IM A BULLY!!! [and i dont care what the the certificate the shrink gave me!] im not a bully.. oh, and by the way.. superdwarf, you ARE sensitive!!!! look, i tried talking to nathan and you pushed him away saying 'dont talk to him nathan, he's an idiot!' your just lucky we were in school or i would have kicked your @$$! P.S. it dont matter liam.. i'll kick ur @$$ anyway >:P

oh, and that comment [above] i was round craigs house when i wrote that, and as you can probably tell, we dont like liam that much...

sorry 'bout this, just to clear things up,

aj= me
craig= xbox_gamer
liam= superdunce.. lol

xbox_gamer on December 30, 2005, 12:26:16 AM

xbox_gamer on
xbox_gameraj and craig [xbox_gamer]: liam you gay peice of shoote, why dont you go to blackpool and rape some donkeys, i hear the pickins' there are pretty good... for assdonkeys like you!
lol lol lol lol!!!!!!!
a.s.s d.o.n.k.e.y

superdwarf on December 29, 2005, 6:07:58 AM

superdwarf on
superdwarfRIGHT THAT IS frackING, IT, I AM NOT SENSITIVE, im just special...(Pulls out batlle axe size of dwarf self and holds), IM GONNA RIP YOUR GUTS OU...oh crap i need to get this axe changed (Axe falls back and slices self in half)

Vampire_Prince on December 28, 2005, 11:20:23 PM

Vampire_Prince on
Vampire_Princecool! i see you'v re-layed out ur profile [not sure if 're-layed' is actualy a word.. lol] realy sorry to hear your tendons got brokeded [my new word] beleive when i say i know how you feel, coz it happened to me and the next day when i went top school a kid in the 2nd grade pushed me over, and i was 6th grade!!!! [it was so freaking embarasing!] but when it healed up i thought i'd return the favour...

Geckon_Lord_of_geckos on December 28, 2005, 11:09:32 AM

Geckon_Lord_of_geckos on
Geckon_Lord_of_geckosHiya ^____^ I'm doing alright and I had a fairly decent Christmas. Hope you had a nice one......well talk to ya later. blood muffin fo you's ^________________________________________________________________^

Vampire_Prince on December 28, 2005, 5:03:00 AM

Vampire_Prince on
Vampire_Princebtw, cal me watever you want.. its just that those names are what my freinds call me...

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