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yaoimistress_darkangel's Profile
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Username yaoimistress_darkangel Gender Female
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Member Info
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Im sorry to say im a huge fan of harry potter......u can ask me any qeustion on harry potter and i will know it


1. Rachel_Ronbinson {Sweet sweet gurl, and Hakkohu gurl}
2. AsakuraYoh {Brother of Rachel, and sweet kid} *hugs*
3. Hakkohu {Awsome, cool, guy ya!}
4. Sis {awsome gurl, and little sister of hakkohu}
5. Amayaskura {hmmmmm what to say just kidden..awsome guy and very sweet}
6. Jamacainprincess {funny gurl}
7. Weepingwillow {me best mate in crazyness)
8. scootsXgal {jess...who lives in a cake castle}
9. morphin {my pyro budd}
10. twistedsoul_13 {knife gurl}
11. Wulf {glomp kid and leader of the pack}
12. ozzman {the crazy dude who won't stop jumping from his roof even with an injuried leg}
13. rayray {olderbro of rach and yoh}[/color][/b]

Trixie's profile
Name:Trixie Eliza Structure/Eimga
Weapon:Golden staff
Team Leader:Bunnie
Character:Trixie look like a regular teenage gurl, she forgets alot of things, and she tends to runs into alot of things, and everyone thinks she just strange. But when trouble hits she gets seriouse thats when her other side takes over Eimga. Born and raise as the sorcerise of Egypt dead. Eimga tends to ignore the liveing and just tends to follow her own cord.
Trixie is a blonde hair gurl with blue eyes, but when Eimga comes out her eyes change to gry.Abilities & Techniques:
FireGroth-The fire surronds the vitctum and torchers the victum but going from its feet up to its head ethier buring the vitcum slowly or eat away at the flesh and bone quickly.

CALL ME A COPYCAT i don't care but im making a new story and i need characters, PLZ GET CREATIVE PLZPLZPPLLZZZPZLPLZ so fill this out and have fun with it and send it back to me ok byebye





HAIRCOLOR (describe it how it looks):


BORN (country doesn't have to be a really):

POWER (if desired, and how it works):

ARE YOU good bad or nither


OTHER FACTS OR DETAILS(be as descritave as u can what they wear and what piecreing or tattos they might have)

ok have yall can't wait to see what u come up with



AGE: 16

GENDER: female

EYECOLOR: purple

HAIRCOLOR: long blueish sliver hair stringy and falss over left eye

RACE: Elf, Lizard, Rock, and Human (She is a CAMERIA)

BORN: Aforca

What are you: she niether good or bad or is she?

POWER: SnowShift- any melted snow or snow near by can be a blanket of death it follows the enemy everywere untill it touches the emeny

PERSONILITY: very secertive, mysteries, lives for advanterouse, very easy to piss off, and very cold to her love one and friends and will sacrifce herself for friends but there a memory that lays dormant in her will it be revealed?

OTHER FACTS OR DETAILS: is traveling with a guy name chubz to advenge her follen comrades...and she wears a cape and a mask over herface cuz she the could be killed if she reveals her true self and she has a tail that noone knows about

wow I HAVEN'T BEEN ON LIKE 4 EVER AND TO ALL OF U OUT THERE WHO I MADE FRIENDS WITH IM SORRY! But ive changed and love vampires now i don't know why i just do so enjoy ppl don't know when im gonna be on again but hey i still love all of ya'lls


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Dandy4Writing3 on August 31, 2009, 4:15:33 AM

Dandy4Writing3 on
Dandy4Writing3Hey! This might seem a bit random, but I couldn't help but notice your comment on yaoi_fanboy's profile.

heeroxduo4ever on January 12, 2007, 10:37:06 PM

heeroxduo4ever on
heeroxduo4everhey its me u can see i have a new account with better drawings..its been ages since we last have u been?

ozzman on December 21, 2006, 3:50:19 AM

ozzman on
ozzmanyeah it has been awhile hasn't it i haven't been online recently

sisaTao on October 1, 2006, 4:34:14 AM

sisaTao on
sisaTaoI know me too.n_n
Was I on your faves list?

sisaTao on September 29, 2006, 11:28:01 AM

sisaTao on
sisaTaoMan I hope I can get my fans back.oO
No I have not talked to any of them in a long time.

sisaTao on September 28, 2006, 9:12:49 AM

sisaTao on
sisaTaoHello, this is sis. I got a new acount.^_^

becky on September 5, 2006, 2:46:09 PM

becky on

So We don't really know each other, but I'm On the staff of Never Say never And am trying to get to know all of the Member characters, as I assist in writing the story.

All in all, Wanna be friends?^_^

sis on September 4, 2006, 10:16:06 AM

sis on

Are you going to vote for everything?

sis on September 2, 2006, 7:15:06 AM

sis on
sisREAD!!! Please do this.^^/It's not a chain letter.

*Note the manga has been re named from Kin to Never Say Never.

*Note Female and male is typed by the names for the Couples(So you know if they are boys or girls)

Never Say Never Characters:Sisa Shikiguni(Female), Becky(Female), Evan Lewis(Male), Haru Shikiguni(Male), Neutral Tosoci(Male), Adrian Shikiguni(Male), Hakkohu Shikiguni(Male), Rick Lewis(Male), Nina Hokan(Female), Nick Black(Male), Tren(Male), Bunnie(Female), Lisa(Female), Jay-T(Male), Chad Manson(Male), A.J.(Male), Kumi(Female), Kouzan Kinonai(Male), Jess(Female), Fuu Higurashi(Female), Kelley Crushing(Female), Trixie Eliza Structure(Female), Yon-yon(Male)

Member Characters:
Kelley Crushing, Trixie Eliza Structure, Yon-yon, Kumi, Kouzan Kinonai, Jess, Bunnie, Lisa

Bad Guys:
Haru Shikiguni, Adrian Shikiguni, Hakkohu Shikiguni, Nina Hokan, Tren, Jay-T, Chad Manson, A.J., Kelley Crushing, Yon-yon.

Good Guys:
Sisa Shikiguni, Becky, Evan Lewis, Neutral Tosoci, Rick Lewis, Nick Black, Bunnie, Lisa, Kumi, Kouzan Kinonai, Jess, Fuu Higurashi, Trixie Eliza Structure.

Please vote.XD


Read from the list above and pick a character for each group that you wish to vote for.
NOTE Please vote in every field!!

Favorite "Never Say Never" Chatacter-
Favorite "Never Say Never" Member Character-
Favorite "Never Say Never" Bad Guy-
Favorite "Never Say Never" Good Guy-
Favorite "Never Say Never" Couple-
Favorite "Never Say Never" Yaoi couple-

The winners will be announced.^_^

jamacainprincess on August 25, 2006, 4:57:02 AM

jamacainprincess on
jamacainprincessit aint my birthday XP



secret room get away

secret room get away

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