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ok here is a spyro story im writing partly made from imagination partly made from dreams i keep having this was inspired by a dream i had also so yea enjoy  :D
ok a story on jordan's life ok it will be bad i know so wat
laba laba
Sequal to Forever Yours... Ark, Shadow's son, is 17 and falls in love... what will it take to win her heart?
Sakura loves Sasuke & Sasuke has feelings for her too, but something is very wrong with him and his emotions are hurting everyone close too him including Sakura, he does more than hurt her but ruins her future but is it really Sasuke...
Go and Ask them questions you can even ask my naruto OC Galine some too!!!
A story to se how you know your stars.
um........this is kinda random but this was one of my fave T.V shows as a kids so umm i dunno why im writin about it so um any way if 8u wanna be mentioned in it just say(even tho no-one will) and dont comment if u dont like it
This is the story about my naruto OC Galine`s life.

Please Read And Comment!
This is a story about Roxys life from being born to growing up.
ok everyone sems to have a story of there digimon so i made one too
in this story you will ask me,shikamau and gaara questions
in this story my bro shikamaru will be entervewing everyone and if you have ocs they can be in this story
in this story I will Not be acepting oc's sorry but in this story gaara needs your help on how to get me to go on a date with him
me:hi this is my first storie I hope you enjoy it and if you want your characters to be in it you can just ask me
a digimon story about digimon and tamers about there friendship honour and bravery
this is a role pla that so far use jordan and sutaru
my second stoy the gang have now moved into a mansion
mi first story hope you like it if u want to be in the story let me know on mi profile page
Sonic is prince to his mother's kingdom and He is highly respected among his people. Shadow is one of Sonic's many worker slaves. Shadow hates slavery more than anything in the world. Coming from two completly different lifestyles, how will they react whe
i dont really know where this came from, i was just bored one day and decided to write ...wehay !! Theres a little bit of language in this...but not read it and enjoy it !! ya-zoo !!!
Mp3 Anyone? See your favorite Sonic characters in mini song-fics.
this is sonic X which nobodys heard the story of
The feelings that go through kais head as a child..... (i think its quite distressing) 0__0
This is a poem for my best friend Rebecca, I miss her so much. Maybe when I'm in the mood I'll right poems to others But not now.
*On my Sensitive as a rose story, next chapter will be up soon*