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Maria has always loved Ichiru, will her dreams come true?

Rated PG 13~!

Warning only for teens!
ok well basically these are all words i have used in my fanfiction stories if any of you folks are confused about what a japanese word is just look up the term in here and if it isnt in here ask me to post it and i will do so! ^_^ hope this helps!
its short i know but hopefully my fan that requested this is satisfied and sorry i just really got busy with work and the kids n school! only 37 more days!
oh any yea this has some grown up stuff so please forgive me if u dont like it!
I am Yuki Cross, a human and I dwell in a place where vampires live just below they count the beating of our rapid hearts, and stave their dark desires. I stop them from killing, but can I resist the temptation?

For My fan Firefoxfireball101
from what happened about 5 months ago and why it happened it all came down to this.
A bond, forged by hardship, sparks a fire that would not be doused. An ageold curse, creates pain and suffering, the love shared between two boys and a girl, forbidden by fate. Completed!
A whole 50 chapters!
If u love Ouran High school host club and Fruits Basket Then you will love this story its like ouran host club in certain ways.
kyo is a vampire how will he be able to handle this and what does this have to do with Thoru!?
What do you mean Inuyasha asked a now nervous Mrs. Higurashi. She saw the look in the hanyou's eyes, and the feral gleam promised things that she didn't even want to conceive. It left her shuddering in fear.

Contains Violence, Language, Rape
This fiction is about pain: physical and mental alike. Not so much gore. Be warned: sexual abuse and angst. Not for sensitive readers. Reposted.
This is the first part of my trilogy Mating Dance.This is about Inu and Kag.Includes lemon in early chapter.Please read and review.Ja ne!!
Lin moves to the town and we meet two new members of the Sohmas. you will soon find out who was ment to be together event though i don't really like the couples this only made since!
Tohru goes to visit her cousin (Kagome) with Yuki and Kyou. Haru and Momiji join up with them and instead of seeing Kagome... Well, read it!
set about in mid evil times kagome gets raped by the evil king who will save her but her knight in shining armour?WHO?
SEEING IS DECIEVING IS THIS BOOKS SEQUAL! Its really sexual so people under the age of 14 beware!
It's the most wonderful time of the year... or is it? in not the only thing lurking around the corner, as inu and his mate, kag, will learn. Their new foe has many gifts for them, all wrapped in silver bows.
battling with the heart and the sleep over! dun dun dun dunh!
Kagome tells inuyasha that she is having his baby! LOL I made this one myself!
This is a taster, i would love it if people could give me their opinion. I hope to have the full version of this published. It gets alot better further on. But i can't put that up otherwise it won't get published for sure.
Neji finds every night he sleeps, he goes to the past... NejiHinata.
After stealing the Rose Orb, Brendan finds himself in quite a situation. Now he must save himself and his friends from Team Aqua. Who are they? and why exactly do they want this Orb?
Yah ummm... this here's my first poem in Fanart central... and also it's my first poem with anything to do with YGO, so please don't hate...
...and if you like Yami no Yuugi and/or Rishid, please don't read this...cuz they kinda get hurt...