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lil bit about kiruri
Ok x3
thanks so much for joining everybody!! ^^
lol...just my friends on FAC...xD
Meet Kaya, an up and rising pokemon coordinator and good friend of Dawn. She goes her own way after leaving the gym battles and dreams of catching the legendary Celebi. As she goes along her journey, she meets new friends, old enemies, and more.
I will start as a summary since everyone were eager to know how my story goes, then, I will start my true long story which entitled : "Secrets Untold"

Enjoy my whole Yugioh story summary ! ^^ tell me if you don't understand..:)
Friends things and other things XD Lol
Here is where you will read the descriptions of the characters in my Yugioh fanfic Jini!X3
Seto Kaiba, Yami Yugi, Katsuya Jounouchi, Mokuba Kaiba, Yugi Mouto, and Yami Bakura all get transported to another dimension when Seto's new invention goes haywire and there they meet me and my friends.

Shippings inside
This Fan-Fiction takes place while the Digidestine are back in the real world. and they're going to get more then what they ask form when two new Digidestined are added to their team.
A b-day present/request for NAERA.

It's a CandyShipping fic

It's Candice's birthday, but nobody remembers, not even her boyfriend, Valon. But is it really as bad as she thinks it is?
I am just craving a Ryuuzaship oneshot.

The idea is based off a line from my pal Jenn's fic.'s Kay x Seto, and it's a oneshot. That's really all I must say.
Summer comes to an end. Kay cuts her hair and starts her senior year. Everyone is going through changes. (Either final story or second to last)
come in if you want to know about her ^^
Her hair shining in the moon light, Her eyes closed, her breath softens, her her body weakens, her sould sealling, she fell in his arms.. near a silver moon.!? Uh-oh. Kay's boiling mad and very hurt. But...maybe it's not as bad as they think. (Based off the comic "Engagment Issues")
Khephera is starting to understand life. Kay and Seto's boyfriend and girlfriend act is starting to feel like more than just an act. But there is a dark prescence watching them. Will Khephera be reunited with Seth? Will Kay tell Seto she loves him?
Well, this is just basically a little romance fic about my OC and her friends during the holidays. This does not happen in the actual story series. KxS CxY KrxYu TxBxP KhxR KaxH MxA RixMa JxD
My fifth story is ready.

The three gems to free the yamis are found and Kay learns that she was connected to magicians in the past. And she meets Yami Marik and Blair. But when she uses the gems, something feels different...
HOLY COW! An ENGLISH title. The fourth story. Yay.

Yuki moved in and Kay is debating over her feelings for him and Seto. When she dates Yuki, will Seto's jealousy lose her heart and will Adelinda finally be found? All will be answered here.
The third story.

Well, Seto is growing irritated with Kay's constant pranks on him. What happens when he learns about Kay and her past?

Title means, "Secrets Revealed in a Garden of Roses"

Ahem, sorry. I had WAY too much sugar tonight, so I'm coming out with a fanfic dedicated to one of my favorite pairings, Bakura and Pie. All hail it.
The second story in my series.

It's been a month since Kay and her friends transferred, and lately she has been getting depressed but nobody knows why. Will she be ok in the end?

Pairings: Duke x Tiffany Bri x Honda Tori x Yami Bakura
Cat and Yami go to a party and play Spin the Bottle. Oh, how fun.

This is a contest prize for Cat and another anniversary gift.
in this story you will ask me,shikamau and gaara questions
in this story my bro shikamaru will be entervewing everyone and if you have ocs they can be in this story