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The latest in the Flash legacy, Wally West is content in the knowledge that he will always be fast enough. But when something starts attacking him, something no one else can see and he can't outrun, will his confidence stand up to the test?
I noticed that some people had posted IM conversations, and I decided to post one too! This is an Invader Zim rp that I did with dragon_ally. Also, this is kind of insane. LAST UPDATED: DECEMBER 30!
Willy Wonka mixed with Foster's! Wilt is Willy Wonka, Bloo is Violet, Mac is Charlie, Terrence is Mike Teavee, Coco is Veruca, and Eduardo is Augustus. The Scribbles are Oompa Loompas!
What will happen when a new (revenge-crazy) girl comes to Zim's Skool? Will Dib convince her that Zim's an alien? What will happen to the kids that annoy her? And what happens when Zim has a new plan involving her? Read and find out! UPDATED-2/4/06
Alex's long profile/ short story. Alex is my Teen Titans character just fyi.
A tribute to the hitcher hikers guide seris with some fan made entries on made up planets of my own. it's quite long and unfinished Updated: More entries added
Wheeljack looks back on his many years of friendship with the medic Ratchet... back to where it all began.
I'm Squall. I have been instructed to dicate a battle we had in the bowels of Garden against a group of Dragons. Its full of pain and danger which I'm sure thrills some of you. I couldn't care less. -/_-
Yo, i'm Zell, champion marial artist of Garden! I'm telling you the story of when my team and I had to save the Garden from an invader! Watchout!
Hi, I'm Selphie. I'm telling you the story of when my friends and I fought a scary monster in the basement of Garden!
Myself and a bunch of my friends take our Elite out trick-or-treating! What antics await hmn??????
There is a new Sailor Soldier in town, and a new plot to steal the energy of the Earth. The first chapter is short and kinda sucks because I wrote it ages ago, but starting chapter 2 it gains real credibility and depth unfolding an epic story about
Gol and Maia are evil, true... but how did they become that way...? I need to do art for this. ~_~
The life story of a vampire named Aki who lived in Japan at least 2000 years ago.