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This is an old story I wrote back in early 2006 (around April I think) when I was 16 & in sixth form college, probably before I had even heard of "fanfiction" lol seeing as it was before I joined sites like DeviantART,, etc.
Kira is a young vampire who can see the absolute future and into the past and past lives. She has very little memory of the past few years.
You've seen what he wouldn't say but now you'll see what he will say!
Thanks to Naruto Sasuke, Anna, and Naruto are locked in a classroom. Will anyone come to help them or will they have to servive the night alone with each other? What will they do for entertainment and what secrets will be revealed. OneShot and no lemon.
Ok I Had Yet Another Random Idea Pop Into My Uncontrollable Crazy Mind. So I Hope You Like It.
P.S Its A Bit Like Boy/Girl Thing, Just More Kingdom Hearty. ^-^
just a few chapters then you know how to draw a person.
What happen Sasuke have a dead girlfriend went his came back with people holding the cofin but the other don't know
fire in it!