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Original lyrics I made... I have no clue if I'm going to using UTAU or Vocaloid. 
YT Instrumental Link:
Lyrics and link to an acapella song I made with Vocaloid. 
English first, then Japanese. Original UTAU Skit. Kasane Teto goes over to Defoko's house for cakes and tea. 
... it's pretty explains itself lol :D
On the first day of school at the not-so-secret secret school for anime/cartoon characters, two powerful young toons meet each other for the first time.
Seto Kaiba is having trouble with some homework... who better to help him than the best tutor on campus, and roommate, Sebastian Michaelis (Warning: OOCness is almost absolute... I apologize)
A Lenore Fan-fic
This is a taster, i would love it if people could give me their opinion. I hope to have the full version of this published. It gets alot better further on. But i can't put that up otherwise it won't get published for sure.
hehe, cuteness and stupidity...please comment
sooo cute
Something I wrote just for fun, I enjoyed writing it, and cried as well.
Is sad, but has a happy ending :)
This is for my best friend, dingooftheshadows, who has let me use her characters Fox and Aura! This is a simple tale of love that revolves around my fancharacter Sade the Hedgehog and dingo's character Fox the Kitsune!
A little girl developes a crush on Zim. What will happen? Read to find out!
(Rated PG for mild violence)
it is sorta a love story .kida butit's ok some like some don't so read it ad tell me what you think