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Brendon Skellington never thought much about his father, Jack's, status in Halloween Town--until his sister suggests one of them might someday take his place.
A short story written en español. Based off of a true story and that's what makes it funny. Featuring the sibling trio © me.
how Element died that day and became Crypt the Undying. It all started on the streets of New York, when he became Dr. Maxwell's lab-rat.
This story explains the origin of an OC I'm working on. I'll get pics of all the characters up eventually.  
Characters listed:
A poem I wrote after I had a nightmare I'd rather not talk about it.
but read it to find out what my nightmare was. no flames please!
Dr. Eggman has created a new machine and is using it on humans. Now sonic and his new friends have to destroy it
A poem on Kensin and his nightmares.
Angel, the young adopted daughter of Tallest Purple, finds out what her father's plans for her are and runs away with her brother and her best friend. When they land, they meet a certain Irken we've all come to know and love.