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This is about a character I made named Miss Chloe. I'm not gonna say much, just read! BTW this is a creepypasta, (if anyone knows what that is) and I can't really submit it now because the submission time is over, so I'm posting it here!
In a storm this character experances unexplainable actions and happenings around her. To find out what happens keep reading and enjoy.

(this short story was rewritten and changed, please enjoy the newest version of The Storm)
Ok, here is a poem I wrote about a killer Gingerbread Man in August 2004. It''''s old, but I hope you like it. :)
Definetly creepy.
Bunch of friends going on a road trip but their bus brakes down and they have to stay in a motel called The SandMan Inn in a deserted town. One of the motel rooms are haunted by a mysterious terrifying man who really is the Sand Man.
Just a spooky short story I made for creative writing.
A young girl named Ester loses her way in the forest,what trouble will befall her?
will she come out alive??? read and find out!
What happens when you dare enter mighty's room...well what the hell do you think i'm writing about!! batman?!?! no not any more!!..... and no i've never wrote any batman things either.....anyway....yeah you guys should read will be funny...i'll pr
All right, in japan, scary stories are pretty popular. Sooooo, I will be posting some of the stories (mostly from Japan) that I know of! Some may be true stories (could be a killing/ murder). so enjoy!
Sanji, Zolo, Ussop, Nami, and Luffy, rant about themselves! But oh no! The scary lady from The Grudge is there! EEK! (very funny please read)