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(Title = With These Words) A home for all my anime OC plot bunnies... I think it's time to put them down! Something happened that deleted all the story bodies, so it's a bit screwed up, but I'm replacing chapters as fast as I can!
I'm reeeeeeally bored, so I'm gonna write down the lyrics (and possibly the translations if I have them) of my favourite anime songs! Fear them.
(Title: If you leave everything up to your heart) A cute little DaiGaa oneshot, inspired by something I read on
Stories I write in my free time... It has characters from all over the place, so I wasn't really sure what catergory to put it in... READ AND ENJOY!!!! ^-^
Part two to SasukeAndMomijiHaHa's story. I hope this does not give you nightmares dear children. Kat, hope you like this!
Teh funneh! I showed this to meh Furuba-Obsessed friend (Carlotta) and she practically passed out! PLEASE read! I put meh heart and soul into this!
Read and be hyper! There will probably be a chappy for each character, but I haven't decided yet... look, just leave it, okay? See how it turns out. Try to get along with people.
Just something to do with the emails I send... and recieve. Embrace the randomness, nyeh.
Something to keep you all entertained. This is funny!
A random story about me (yess!) and the Titans. It's a sort of replay of the Brotherhood of Evil stuff. Read only if you like random stuff.